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Meet Rachelle: The How To On International Adoption-Uganda Edition

Heidi Campbell


This episode gives me all the feels. Two years ago, I traveled to Uganda with Rachelle as her adoption doula (yes that is a thing). She and her husband Pete were already 1.5 years into the adoption. The Ugandan government changed the adoption laws weeks before they were to come home with their son.

The next 2 years were some of the most difficult of their lives. They traveled back and forth to Uganda-one at a time-spending weeks with their son while leaving their other two toddlers behind. On my trip with Rachelle, I was able to be witness to the process of watching their daughter come to them. She was there all along, in every photo, next to their son's side. But because of the law changes and the long process, on that trip, they decided to also bring Priscilla home. 

On a teacher and social worker's salary they were able to save and fundraise the almost $90,000USD it took to adopt these two gorgeous spunky babes. 

In this episode, we walk you through the steps to take and that are required for international adoption. We will inspire you not to worry about the costs and the money will come. God is so good. Rachelle,  details exactly how difficult the road was, but how worth it all was when her family of 6 was reunited at the airport on adoption day 2018. 

For more information on Kidron Valley Orphanage or donating to their non-profit JoPri please follow @jopriuganda or visit:

And, if you missed Landon Donovan's epic goal in the 2010 World Cup-you can relive it here:

20 Meet Erin: PCOS Mom All Natural Childbirth

Heidi Campbell


On this episode, we discuss Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome

Erin struggled from the time she started her period at 11 years old. However, she was not diagnosed with PCOS until college. 

The first half of the episode is her PCOS journey. The second half of the episode is her birth story. 

She was induced via water rupture at 42 weeks gestation. Her Doula helped her achieve a natural childbirth with tools like a rolling pin to help with back labor when her daughter was OP (occiput posterior) aka sunny side up. She dilated to 4 cm with a ripe cervix before labor began. The midwife broke her water at 5:30 pm. She was dilated to 9.5 cm with a cervical lip by 10 pm. She pushed for 38 minutes and her daughter was born at 2:48 am. 

Erin's favorite baby product which helps catch milk on the side you are not nursing on is called the Haaka Milk Catcher found HERE

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She also loved her doula, Helen, from Aussie Doula




19 Meet A Maternity Concierge: Best Upon Request

Heidi Campbell


This week we take a break from birth stories to introduce Best Upon Request maternity concierge. Part of this week is celebrating companies that are making huge strides in appropriate parental leave. I want to celebrate Lilly, 5th Third Bank, TIAA, Stitch Fix, Bank of America, Spotify, EY, Deloitte, Netflix, Dell, Adobe, Reddit, Snap,, Etsy, Microsoft, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. These are just some companies leading the way for better benefits for parents. So, a big thank you to all of these companies!

Please share this episode with anyone that you know in HR that might want to add maternity concierge services. 

Click HERE to learn more about Best Upon Request.

Jessamyn and Jessica walk us through what a maternity concierge is and why every single company should have one!

Their favorite baby products to use and recommend include:

1. The Moby wrap

2. Lille Baby Wrap

2. Baby Brezza

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18 Meet Gail: She delivered Micro-preemies at 26 weeks after a long fertility journey

Heidi Campbell

Her pregnancy ended at 26 weeks.

She was diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis Disease after 15 months of trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully. She did 1 round of clomed and conceived fraternal twins a few days of part in conception. She didn't share her fertility journey because she felt ashamed. This was 10 years ago. At 24 weeks along, she started experiencing back pain that grew in intensity over two week along with extreme swelling. She wants to tell you to be on top of how you feel, that how you feel matters and to not down play it to the doctor. She said, "Whatever fears you have ask questions."

She tells us her birth story of delivering 1 lb 12 oz and 2 lb 1 oz twins at 26 weeks at the closest hospital she could drive to. 

Her favorite baby products are linked below:

1. The Giraffe Blanky

2. The Baby Briefcase

17 Meet Carrie & Her Birth Story. C-Section After A Two Day Induction & Exclusive Pumping

Heidi Campbell

Carrie never went into labor and delivered at 42 weeks 3 days via C-section. Her birth plan was to have a baby and her breast nursing plan was to feed her baby. After a two day induction with a failed epidural and an OP Baby, she was ready to meet her baby. She opted for a C-section rather than continuing on at the suggestion of her OBGYN. She attempted nursing and found out her breast tissue had never fully developed in puberty. Powered with choices, she pumped for 10 months and supplemented with formula. On her second, she scheduled a planned C-section. Carrie is giggly and happy and is a true testament to going with the flow, being open and loving your birth story and motherhood journey. 

She wants you to know about (click the links):

1. The Double Hip Squeeze

2. The Peanut Ball

3. This Hands Free Pumping Bra

4. The Medela Symphony Pump for Exclusive Pumping

5. The Nose Frieda




16: Meet Sarah & Her Mama Rachel

Heidi Campbell


Happy Mother's Day 2019! In this episode, I interview my first mother daughter combo and their eerily similar birth stories. Rachel talks about her pregnancy, labor, and birthing 30 years ago on her bathroom floor after just 2.5 hours of total labor. She tied the umbilical cord with her husband's sweatpant cord. This episode will have you giggling non-stop and will empower you for your birth. It is packed full of teaching by me, Heidi, an experienced Doula of 14 years.

Sarah talks about her first birth and delivering just 3.5 hours after feeling her first contraction. She wants every mom to know about the Miles Circuit, the importance of squats, red raspberry leaf tea. How she made the decision to receive antibiotics after testing positive for Group Beta Strep. She lost her mucous plug 2 weeks before she delivered and was 5 cm dilated at her 39 week appointment. She raves about the Squatty Potty, the birthing ball, and her favorite contraction timer app.

We pushed pause to teach YOU how to breathe and push at delivery and the power of positive thinking and positive thought. 

Her favorite book to prepare for childbirth is Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and her favorite postpartum book is The Happiest Baby on the Block. Her mom's favorite baby product is the Chick Pea Sherpa Swaddle.

Get ready to laugh!!!!!




15 Meet The Best Doulas In Charlotte, NC

Heidi Campbell

What is a Doula?

An anxiety vacuum. A google filter. A constant support.

Listen in to hear three of Charlotte, NC's best and most experienced Doulas talk shop. Part 1: We walk you through what a Doula is and what a Doula does throughout your pregnancy. Then we tackle continuity of care for the pregnant mom.

Part 2: What is like to birth at home, at a birth center and at a hospital? What tools can you implement if you don't have a Doula. What hospitals are doing right and what health care systems can improve on when considering moms at customers and not patients. 

If you are considering a Doula, this episode is for you. 

If you would like to contact the Doulas featured in this episode please reach out to Helen Herzig of Aussie Doula & Sarah Eiley Cowherd of Sage Mama Doula.




14: Meet Katie: 4+ Year Fertility Journey, Failed IUI, IVF, Miscarriage, Inverted Uterus, Postpartum Anxiety, & Two Sets of TWINS

Heidi Campbell

She. Has.Two.Sets.Of.Twins.

Gosh. Where do I begin? Katie talks vulnerably about her long fertility journey and how she got to be a mom to two sets of twins. After many years of the “we will just see what happens” method, she stumbled upon the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility which empowered her to visit a fertility specialist and to listen to her body. She walks us through getting pregnant on clomed and then an early miscarriage. She details exactly what it is like to show up in a fertility clinic and the steps they take and how they take them to help women get pregnant. She tried the meds, IUI. She had a lazy left ovary and endometrial biopsies revealed a hormonal and PH imbalance in the uterus. She only has 2 viable embryos and implants them both. After a successful pregnancy, she ends up in the hospital on bed rest for 6 weeks with preeclampsia. Her journey includes trauma and anxiety both antepartum and postpartum. At delivery, her uterus inverts and she hemorrhages requiring several blood transfusions. She opens up about how Zoloft really helped her. Then, 2.5 years after this whole ordeal, she finds herself pregnant naturally and the egg split delivering her the miracle of identical twins. Listen in to hear more.

13: Black Maternal Health-Why Black Women Are 3-4 Times More Likely To Die In Childbirth Than White Women & How One Group Has Taken Action

Heidi Campbell


Hi! It’s Heidi. Welcome to the Birth Story Podcast Episode 13. I’m so glad you are listening because this week is Black Maternal Health Awareness Week. I’ve traveled to Asheville, NC to record with Maggie and Cindy from MAHEC (Mountain area health education center) and Mothering Asheville and SistasCaring4Sistas Doula program. You will hear from these 2 incredibly inspiring women who are leaders in their community fighting innovatively to change the disparity of maternal and infant mortality rates between black and white women.  The Doulas were trained by Chama Woydak of Homegrown Babies and certified by DONA. Cindy begins with her own birth story and losing her son shortly after birth.

12: Meet Sarah & Derek-An Unplanned Pregnancy and Cervical Scar Tissue

Heidi Campbell

"It.Was.Bliss." (about the epidural)

Derek and Sarah join us fully pregnant with Baby #2 and in a strong and healthy marriage. But, just 3 years ago that wasn't the case. They walk us through what it's like to be 6 months into a rocky marriage with an unplanned pregnancy. They are raw with emotions and how the pregnancy unfolded as they tried to build and reconnect their marriage. I was Sarah's Doula and her cervix was stuck at 1 cm dilated due to cervical scar tissue. She used an epidural for pain management to get through the procedure of massaging the scar tissue away and relaxing through the rest of labor. This couple is hysterical and the whole episode keeps you on your toes. The couple's favorite baby product is The Topponcino. Please use my affiliate link: to explore this product and make a purchase today!

11: Kristen Part 2

Heidi Campbell


Kristen is back to talk about her birth story with Georgie. After suffering a miscarriage, a subchorionic hemorrhage and a 30+ hour first labor she was ready for another baby. She found out she was pregnant just before Christmas, but she couldn't tell anyone. The sack was small and they were not able to see a heartbeat. They told her it might be a blighted ovum and to come back in a few weeks. At 8 weeks, they were able to see the heart flicker and celebrated with all. She was so sick. She took Zofran, but the only thing that helped was Sour stuff like Chick-Fil-A lemonade and Starbuck's Iced Passion Tea Unsweetened and protein and fat. She lived on chicken nuggets and sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches. At 22 weeks she started suffering from symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)

10: Meet Amy. She delivered her VBAC baby in the CAR

Heidi Campbell


Amy walks us through her three births and how she ended up delivering her 3rd baby in the car with a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). She was induced with number one but birthed vaginally. On number two, he flipped and stayed breech and was delivered via C-section. She was surprised with baby 3 and was encouraged by her OBGYN to deliver via VBAC. She hired a doula and labored at Costco. This episode is thrilling and will keep you on edge to the very end.

9: Daddy Bootcamp 1

Heidi Campbell

Did they drink the breast milk? Listen to find out.

These 3 new dads tell all about pregnancy, delivery, and life after baby. Garin, Wells, & Derek share their dad journeys with their 8.5 month old, 6 week old, and fully pregnant wife with a 2 year old at home respectively. Derek & Wells had a Doula and it is hysterical to hear their versions of labor and delivery. Garin supported his wife, who suffers from VonWillebrands, through 22 hours of natural labor since an epidural was not an option for her. Well's wife had a spontaneous and precipitous labor. Derek's wife navigated scar tissue on her cervix through a 30 hour labor. All 3 Dads agree that their favorite baby product is a velcro swaddle. Here is a great one by SwaddleMe! Garin also raved about sleeping soundly since his son wears the Owlet to bed. 

 8: Meet Sage-A Midwife For 34 Years Shares Her Midwifery Birth Stories

Heidi Campbell


Sage Brook is Charlotte, NC's most experienced and wisest midwife. She practiced midwifery for 34 years, delivering thousands of babies, before retiring in 2018. Sage walks us through her professional life story. After birthing her own 3 children naturally almost 50 years ago, she wanted to teach women. Sage says, "I wanted to help women have a natural childbirth." So in her 30's with three young toddlers, she went back to school. She takes us on trips to Puerto Rico, Guatemala, and the Navaho Indian Reservation with memories of birth stories.

7: Meet Rachel Coley-CEO of CanDoKiddo On Her Epidurals, Prodromal Labors, Tandem Nursing, and Grief During Labor

Heidi Campbell


Rachel Coley, a pediatric occupational therapist and the CEO of, shares with us her birth journeys from being a Bradley couple to having three epidural births and how the expected just took left turns to the unexpected labors. She said, "I was the Type A, high achieving, professional woman thinking I as going to design my the formula...and probably this mothering thing will go that way too." Then we had a good laugh. Rachel practiced baby bunching having 3 babies in 3.5 years as well as tandem nursing for the past 5 years.

6: Meet Zeke's Dads-Two Dads Adopting Through Private Adoption & Their Cross-Country Journey To Meet Their Son

Heidi Campbell

This beautiful love story begins with Johnathon & Blair, a couple of 17 years, talking about their current process to adopt out of our foster care system. Rewind to their first private adoption and they walk us through the private adoption process from costs, to procedures, to the emotional roller coaster. These two dads hilariously recount the delivery of their son while balancing the deep connection they had to build on the spot with their son's birth mother. If you are considering a private adoption, this podcast episode is for YOU!

5: Meet Shawn-Identical Twin Mom with Preeclampsia, Induction, C-section, & A NICU After Esophogeal Fistula

Heidi Campbell


This week, we heard from Shawn regarding her surprise identical twin pregnancy. As soon as she learned she was pregnant, she was off to Costa Rica for a trip with Queens' University. She was uninsured in America and used their free healthcare system for her first vaginal ultrasound. Wow. There they were Baby A and Baby B! As the months went on, she was healthy and hired a Doula.

4: Meet Kristen: Miscarriage-Subchorionic Hemorrage & Long First Labor

Heidi Campbell

She woke up in a pool of blood in a hotel room alone. Get ready to cry and be inspired by this episode. Kristen walks us through a miscarriage, and a rare condition called a subchorionic hemorrage click for more information. She moved at 7 months pregnant, switched providers, and had a very long labor. There are a lot of lessons in her labor and she shares a ton of details to help you on your journey. Kristen's favorite baby product is the QuickZip crib sheet. Click HERE to learn more about QuickZip. Use the code BIRTHSTORYPODCAST to receive 15% off your first order.





3: Meet Tory Jones of Ixchel Triangle Sharing Her Hospital & 3 Midwife Home Births

Heidi Campbell


On January 1, 2019 I was listening to the RISE Podcast episode with Rachel Hollis interviewing Tory Jones the CEO of Ixchel Triangle. When asked about the name of her company she said that Ixchel is the name of the Mayan Goddess of Midwifery. Tory became pregnant in her senior year of high school and delivered her first baby in the hospital with a midwife naturally. Her mom had birthed all of her siblings at home and she desired a home birth, but insurance got in the way. With her whole family in tow, she birthed her first daughter snapping her fingers and pushing two times then enjoying chicken piccata after birth. Five days later she was back to her college classes. Her next three daughters were all born at home and she shares the differences between hospital and home birthing beautifully. After four babies, she knows her laboring positions and her birthing positions and trusts her body through the process. She nursed almost continuously for 14 years and not just her own children. When doing work in Guatemala for her GORGEOUS bag company Ixchel Triangle she would often nurse the babies in the nursery she visited as well as her nieces and nephews. This woman is an amazing CEO, birthing goddess, and leader for normalizing breastfeeding. Her favorite and must-have baby products are the Baby Hammock (find an example HERE) and the Ring Sling. BabyList has a great link for finding the best Ring Sling for you at HERE. We have so much to learn from Tory!