16: Meet Sarah & Her Mama Rachel

Heidi Campbell


Happy Mother's Day 2019! In this episode, I interview my first mother daughter combo and their eerily similar birth stories. Rachel talks about her pregnancy, labor, and birthing 30 years ago on her bathroom floor after just 2.5 hours of total labor. She tied the umbilical cord with her husband's sweatpant's cord. This episode will have you giggling non-stop and will empower you for your birth. It is packed full of teaching by me, Heidi, an experienced Doula of 14 years.

Sarah talks about her first birth and delivering just 3.5 hours after feeling her first contraction. She wants every mom to know about the Miles Circuit, the importance of squats, red raspberry leaf tea. How she made the decision to receive antibiotics after testing positive for Group Beta Strep. She lost her mucous plug 2 weeks before she delivered and was 5 cm dilated at her 39 week appointment. She raves about the Squatty Potty, the birthing ball, and her favorite contraction timer app.

We pushed pause to teach YOU how to breathe and push at delivery and the power of positive thinking and positive thought. 

Her favorite book to prepare for childbirth is Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and her favorite postpartum book is The Happiest Baby on the Block. Her mom's favorite baby product is the Chick Pea Sherpa Swaddle.

Get ready to laugh!!!!!




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[00:00:00] What does a contraction feel like how do I know if I'm in labor? And what does a day of Labor look like? Wait, is this normal? Hey, I'm Heidi Campbell a certified birth Doula host of this podcast birth story and owner of my Doula Heidi. I've supported hundreds of women through their labor and deliveries and I.

[00:00:29] If that every one of them and you deserves a microphone and a stage, so here we are listen each week to get answers to these tough questions and more birth story where we talk about pregnancy labor deliveries where we tell our stories share our feelings and of course chat about our favorite baby products and motherhood and because I'm passionate about birth outcomes, you will hear from some of the top experts in labor and delivery whether you.

[00:01:00] [00:00:59] Pregnant trying desperately to get pregnant. I hope you will stick around and be part of this tribe. Hey everybody. It's the sweet 16 and I'm really excited about today's episode because it is my first mother-daughter combination. So you're going to meet Sarah and Rachel and what is so Eerie yet common is they had very similar birds.

[00:01:25] So one of the first questions that I asked my mom's if they know their mom and their birth story is. What did your mom's first labor look like and you'll find that there is a lot of continuity between how our moms and our sister's birth and how we birth there's a lot to learn here. There is a lot of excitement because there's some precipitous labor going on sit back and enjoy the story of Sarah and her mama Rachel there is so much to learn from these two.

[00:02:01] [00:02:00] Rachel is Mom or Grandma and then Sarah is daughter and Sarah was one of my recent dual clients, and I'm just so ready to dig in with you guys. What we're going to do is Sarah you just start off and tell me a little bit about. Who you are? All right. So I'm Sarah. I am 31 my husband and I started right when I turned 30.

[00:02:29] I started thinking about starting a family. We got pregnant with in like four months and I. So so so excited I'd always look to my mom for a positive birth story. I was so excited to go through this journey. I had several cousins and friends who had recently given birth. So I had a lot of good Role Models, but my mom was probably my favorite birth story with me.

[00:02:52] I was actually born. At home in the bathroom by accident so I can't super [00:03:00] fast and I was just so excited to start to start my journey as a mother. So that's me Rachel. Tell us about who you are besides being Sarah's mom who delivered in the bathroom. I'm Rachel it just in the ANSI. I'm 60 years old and I am a proud new.

[00:03:18] Grandmother, what's your grandma's name? We're going to try to let trip call me Grammy Grandma. My husband is going to be Pappy. So Grammy and Poppy I have worked for 38 years for the phone company. Bill South and with AT&T as an outside plant engineer and budget person. We live on a family farm in Clemens, North Carolina.

[00:03:43] We raised a few cows and. A big Garden in the summertime. I love it. Okay, well in proper Southern fashion, we're going to let the oldest person in the room go first. [00:04:00] So Rachel, okay. So let's go back. Now. What year was it? When you were pregnant for the first time Daniel was born in 87. He was Daniel gray, and she was my first child and I was in labor.

[00:04:17] Maybe eight hours with him, which is about average for the first child. I remember that the night before, you know, it was feeling kind of crampy and just not really good and we lived on a circle. So my husband who had been on pins and needles waiting for me to go to the hospital had actually fallen asleep on the couch and I decided to go out and walk around the circle which was about half a mile.

[00:04:44] I think I made two rounds. Around the circle in my husband woke up and didn't find me in the house and he was frantic and came driving the car around the circle and found me and I was kind of, you know, leaning over a little bit going just walking and stopping and [00:05:00] so he got back in the house and at the time our Lamaze class had told us that.

[00:05:07] You know if we thought we were in labor but was it sure that we should have one cup of wine and if it was false labor the contractions would go away in about an hour. But if it was real labor you would keep going and the little bit of wine wouldn't hurt the baby or you either one. So we tried that and I felt sleepy and I went to sleep and.

[00:05:30] Seems like sometime in the morning or wee hours of the morning. I woke up and I could tell that things were starting to. Progress as far as the labor win and I went in our second bathroom and I literally made a little nest in the bathroom. I put some quilts down and some pillows and I was like, oh, I'm fine.

[00:05:49] I'm going to read and just you know, think about my baby coming and I was feeling very comfortable. So you went to Lamaze classes. Yes, we [00:06:00] did and did you do any other birthing classes? That was the only class available? I think we had a really good instructor and did you? Have a natural childbirth a did I had had a cousin that was born.

[00:06:12] He was just a big baby. And that was back when mothers were just sedated completely and I remember when I was young they told me that the baby had had to go to the NICU unit because he wasn't breathing well and he had gotten some of the medicine from the mother and. I remember even as a young girl I said if I ever have a baby I'm not going to take any medicine because I don't want any harm to come to my baby.

[00:06:37] I said I can stand that and it was interesting that during that first pregnancy. I got a lot of support. I remember an older engineer that sat beside of me and he looked at me one day and he said. Rachel you're just the kind of girl that will just get in there and get the job done. You know for an older man to tell you that and he told me he says [00:07:00] my wife had rather have a baby they go to the dentist and she had had five babies.

[00:07:06] So I thought if if that can. Be a good story then that's the first story that I want and I remember another cousin whose mother told us that you know, all babies come this way. This is this is what our bodies are meant to do. So that was a confidence. And of course with your first baby, you're always afraid, you know, will I be able to stand the contractions?

[00:07:33] Will it be will I be the ones that screaming down the hall and I didn't find it scary once the labor started. I knew that I could just kind of work with my body. That morning when I was having Daniel, you know is doing fine in the bathroom and then all of a sudden I had to throw up. Okay, I remember, you know, I was going to gently wake my husband and say oh honey.

[00:07:58] We're having a baby [00:08:00] today. Let's go to the hospital. Well, he woke up to the sound of me throwing up my toenails. Oh my goodness and my husband can Panic some time. And that was you know, he was like, oh my goodness what's going on? You know, and I said, I think we're okay. I think the baby's just coming and I'm sick.

[00:08:19] Yeah, like did you feel like oh like the different like you felt that change like, oh, I'm laboring and now like the baby's going to come. Well the throwing up surprise me. Yeah, you know that. I wasn't prepared for and I hadn't been told that that could happen. But now I understand that that's common.

[00:08:36] Yeah, and why we're doing this podcast. Yes education, you know, it's normal to throw up. So it didn't last too long and we were very fortunate. I had a cousin that had worked in labor and delivery for years and she for all the cousins said I'll come to your house. I'll check you I'll let you know if it's time to go the hospital.

[00:08:59] That [00:09:00] way you won't be in the hospital for a very long time before the baby's born. And so we called her that morning and she came and she checked me and said time to go and I got to the hospital and it was probably you know the time they got me settled in. I don't think I labored very long until they started saying you were at 10 centimeters.

[00:09:22] It's time to push and I had no urge to push I had no. You know, I've been told in Lamaze class, you know block your breath and hold it well for 30 minutes, I struggled to try to push and it just wasn't working and later. I read that sometimes nature gives you a break. Between the time your dilating and maybe you have a 30 minute break before your body is ready to push hundred percent accurate and we see it all the time, you know, if a nurse or somebody had been able at a [00:10:00] doula and been able to help me understand that about what was going on.

[00:10:05] I wouldn't have exhausted myself for 30 minutes trying and then finally my husband he was wonderful. He cradled me like. My head was in his arms and underneath my knees, and he just helped me like this for two hours while I pushed and I think because I push so long. I pushed Daniel down into the birth canal wrong, so he came.

[00:10:30] Looking at my right leg. I'm not sunny side up or sunny side down but and he had a terrible bruise on his head. Yeah. So the pushing with him was very it was very difficult. But my husband was a rock star they're holding me in probably what would you describe as a squatting position? Yep, and if you know if I could have been I'll still Sarah's story like you were there saying get on the floor.

[00:10:59] And squat [00:11:00] and I had some gravity so helpful if I'd had some gravity helping me. I think I could have been more efficient with that first labor. Yeah, but you feel like the Lamaze really helped you with the breathing it did. I think what Lamaze helped me most with was just preparing, you know, I remember them Lamaze teacher saying.

[00:11:23] Each days of Labor is supposed to take so long and she said a lot of times women just kind of lose track of time and I was determined. But I was going to keep track of time and that and there was a clock in the you know, there were nice birthing rooms. There was a clock right in front of my bed.

[00:11:42] And I was like, okay. Okay. I'm 10 centimeters now and then we'll start pushing. Average this last about you know, it could last two hours. I can hang in there for two hours. I want to have this baby before 12 o'clock. And so I had both of my children on Saturday morning. [00:12:00] Yeah. Oh my goodness. I love it.

[00:12:01] Okay. Well I want there's some teaching in here too because and I feel like almost every podcast I've recorded so far. I'm probably teaching the same lesson over and over again, and that's. Just because you are 10 centimeters dilated does not mean that you are ready to push your baby out. Like you said, sometimes you get this break.

[00:12:20] Sometimes your 10 centimeters dilated and you need to take a 20-minute nap because your body is going to Halt contraction. For a long period of time or just give you some mild contractions so I know Sarah this didn't happen with you. But with some people this really that you'll get this you'll get fully dilated but the baby's station is still high and then we do what's called laboring down.

[00:12:44] So you let the contractions labor the baby down while you rest. So where the baby's head or the station is much lower when that happens. There is a thing called the ejection reflex that gets triggered and Sarah will talk about this in a little bit. [00:13:00] But and and I'm sorry, but I'm going to go through this just because it's teaching but what if you are just breathing through a contraction like right?

[00:13:07] That's it. Just a you could be 10 centimeters dilated, but when I hear a mom go.

[00:13:16] It's an uncontrollable bearing down or like urge to push. That's when you're ready to push when your body is pushing when your body starts pushing, you're ready to push. You don't need to push before that. So anyways, I just wanted to interject right there because so many moms are like. Told your 10 centimeters go ahead and push and I'm not ready.

[00:13:40] Okay, so that wasn't a new question. So mom's always talked about when she went into labor the glass of wine. She drank. Is that something well that well some contractions. So anything about that, here we go. I'm going to make a decision right now. I'm not gonna cut this out. But I'm gonna do a disclaimer here.

[00:13:58] I am not a doctor [00:14:00] and I am a doula which is a support person. So I am. Into put on my month, my mom hat not my Doula hat or anything of the like just my mom hat Mom Dad Mom. Yes, I pretty much believe that you should have a glass of line if you drink wine in early labor to relax you and to get in the bathtub and then see if it continues or if it stops.

[00:14:27] Oh, yes, I believe in the glass of wine. So go Lamaze for teaching there. Lots of different practices that teach wine. No, I'm not talking about four glasses. I'm talking about 4 ounces, right? You know 4 ounces small glass of wine just to relax you. Okay, Rachel, so baby number two, that's me Sarah.

[00:14:46] All right, tell us all about how that pregnancy and delivery went Sarah was a blessing and a big surprise. I knew I was pregnant before Daniel's first birthday and we were like, [00:15:00] We're going to have two kids in diapers. So you did not try we did not try. Okay. Well, I mean you tried to prevent it in that little sperm just swam through everything for you breastfeeding to did they tell you you couldn't get pregnant.

[00:15:15] No, I breastfed Daniel till he was about 9 months old. Okay, so I think right after I stopped breastfeeding I got pregnant problem. Yeah. I got pregnant breastfeeding real. So yes, you can get pregnant by can happen. Yes. Breastfeeding does not prevent pregnancy and in fact many women tandem nurse.

[00:15:34] So they nurse all the way through their pregnancy and then they nurse both babies. Well, it's not a birth control method everyone that is listening. So Sarah was a surprise she was but I had a good pregnancy with Sarah. I did carry her very low and people laughed at me because they said I waddled and this is a funny story pagers had just come out [00:16:00] when I was pregnant with Sarah.

[00:16:02] And the engineers that I work with decided that the full moon was that weekend and I was going to have the baby and I said no, I can't my husband's got a volleyball tournament scheduled and I said, you know a girl at the office was getting married. I had planned to go to the to the wedding and they tested out the pagers to make sure that it would work from Winston-Salem to Greensboro that that day and then sent me home with a pager but I can't sit with Sarah.

[00:16:30] Contractions. Probably I had there's a word for it Heidi help me Roxton Hicks. Well early can track them and then Dremel a Dremel a Dremel labor that you know, I guess I dilated a little bit along so but the time I actually went into active labor. I was already at like 5 centimeters and Sarah did the same thing.

[00:16:55] So I guess that's just genetic with my mother had a fast delivery with me [00:17:00] too. So. This is going to get really interesting the three generations. Here's baby. Number one. I mean Daniel that was less than 8 hours with your first birth. I mean, that's a pretty fast delivery. What were you feeling like the weeks leading up or you feeling the Braxton Hicks or was your body just doing work and you weren't really noticing it.

[00:17:20] Now remember this is 30 years ago. I know I remember being tired and I'm with both I worked up until the. And I delivered both babies on Saturday working mothers have to do that. So I work the full week before that. And of course, I was tired. My ankles were swelling and but I don't ever remember feeling like a real contraction, you know, I did feel my back hurdle.

[00:17:44] Okay, so that morning before Sarah was born my son was about 18 months and he had been having a few nightmares at night. He would wake up in his crib and just stand up and scream and that is not [00:18:00] helpful when you're a mom right and it gives birth and tried leap. So, you know, it's about 5:30. I had gone in and gotten him.

[00:18:10] Out it will maybe it was more the middle of the night. I had gotten him out of the bed and put him in between my husband and I because that comforted him and I thought well we can sleep till the clock goes off at 6:30 because my husband had a volleyball tournament. He was headed to and. When the clock went off at 6:30 rest, he started getting ready and he went to take a shower and he came back in and I was like, oh man, I do not feel good.

[00:18:36] My back is killing me. I think I hurt my back because I lifted Daniel out of the crib and that was the days where the crib went down and I didn't push it down. I just literally nine months pregnant picked up an 18 month old up and over the crib and when I laid back down my back hurts so bad. And and I told Rusty I said, I don't believe I can't promise.

[00:18:58] I'm going to have this baby [00:19:00] today, but I know I can't take care of Daniel. I said I just can't lift them and at that point, you know, he liked to be carried around still and he said. Oh, well, I'll just cancel my volleyball and he went to another room and he canceled his volleyball tournament and said to the guys I just can't come today and then he came back and he said Well, everybody's up.

[00:19:21] I'm going to start cooking breakfast. Well, he was in and out of the bedroom and he had put Daniel back in his crib and I was having these horrible contractions and. You know, I felt like they were really contractions and I'm like, I'm just doing all of a sudden all of a sudden and they were pretty strong contractions and I thought well gosh this can't be happening this fast.

[00:19:45] I've just you know. Come on, Rachel get hold of yourself and breathe a little bit. And of course he came in and he says he was trying to fill my stomach and he says well, it just feels hard all the time. I can't tell when you're having a contraction. I said well bring me a glass of wine. [00:20:00] Oh my God for breakfast.

[00:20:01] I love it. Thank you. I'm trying to remember but I think I did take a few sips of wine. And at that point I was like, I'm just going to guzzle it because anything might help. And he's going back and I can hear him banging around in the kitchen and I'm wanting to call him but I didn't want to Yale because I didn't want to wake up my son again and so he comes back in the bedroom.

[00:20:23] And he said let's call Diana my cousin and get her over here. So. Another is the same cousin who had helped Jeff you with Daniel and I think actually we had called my mother before and I told her I said, can you please come get Daniel? I think I'm going to have the baby today and then in a few minutes rest, he's back in the kitchen messing around and then he comes back in and he hands me the fine and I had had a really strong.

[00:20:49] And Diana was on the phone and I said Diana we are going to have this baby today and I was really lucky because it was very cold morning [00:21:00] and she had not gone horseback riding that morning. She was off and that was her plan. So she was there in just a minute and when I said that my husband's eyes got so big he's.

[00:21:09] Why you haven't told me we're having this baby today. And of course he hung the phone up and he went back in the kitchen and the minute he did I could feel the baby like one strong. Contraction that I can feel or move down in the birth canal like well gosh, I don't want to mess up the bed. And so I headed to the bathroom and I was your water break, you know, I think we're Sarah my water probably broke two weeks before I delivered.

[00:21:40] It was just a night that she was born November and I was trying to get Christmas presents ready before I went into labor and I was wrapping some Christmas presents and I remember going to the bathroom and thinking we haven't peed this long at all and forever and you know, I had other doctors [00:22:00] appointments after that and I never I don't know my cousin said she might have.

[00:22:05] Some of the water leaked and then she was carried Salo. I might have sealed off the Gap the bag I haven't all the time. So I also don't think my water actually broke until she was born. Do you know the water came out afterwards maybe yeah. Let's see. I was on the toilet. So you moved away from the bed.

[00:22:24] You were like, let's keep that tidy move to the bathroom at your mom. But at any point where you like we should go to the hospital or you were like no, I need to go just go to the bathroom. Well, I remember that I was you know that I kept trying to keep myself calm because I was like this cannot be happened in this fast.

[00:22:42] So I went to I went to the bathroom and I was sitting on the toilet labor and. Rusty of gotten my son Daniel out and here comes Daniel with his little book so it lays is little books on my knees like read me books mom and I'm going not now Daddy [00:23:00] I'm delivering a baby. So my mom came in and scooped up Daniel and she could hear me doing that grunt that you were talking about and.

[00:23:11] Diana came in just behind my mom and they met in the hall and my mom says she's waited too long to go to the hospital. And I remember that my husband had lean me back on the toilet and I think he saw the baby's head. Yeah, and then he. He picked me up and pivoted me around and when Diana came in the bathroom, it was a very small bathroom.

[00:23:35] He behind my head was showing how much of the baby's head was crowning to to Diane and she goes that baby has been on the perineum too long lay her down and I'm like the bathroom was so small. I could barely lay down and I did. I couldn't figure out how to lay down. So my husband just laid me down and it was two or three pushes and I had Sarah out and [00:24:00] we had to wiggle around so I could get my legs wide enough apart to Dennis Small bathroom.

[00:24:06] Will you on towels and stuff or whether cold floor it was? I think it was a linoleum floor and I delivered where the baby would be right at the heat register and it was Diana. So that was a great place to have the baby and then we were grabbing towels, you know to to wrap the baby up in and the real rock star the baby it was Diana and then she you know, she's here and we're looking, you know, okay.

[00:24:36] She says we've got to have something to tie the cord with and you know my. Trains going through. Oh gosh. What can we tie the cord with and I and she asked me and I said, well the sewing threads here and the scissors are here and I had remembered where the little bulb was a little suction bulb and Rusty went and got those things.

[00:24:56] And then she said sewing thread won't do and my husband had on [00:25:00] sweatpants with a cord in it and he pulled the cord out a red cord. That's what we tied the cord with then we got we got up and. Then did you suction Sarah's like did you suction her nose and her throat Diana Diana dead? Okay, and so we got Sarah wrapped up in towels and we called nine one one that I think we just call the doctor's office.

[00:25:26] And I don't know if I was talking to the to the lady at the moment and the shower at that point. She got up and took a shower, but wait, hold on. We're skipping something though. How did you deliver the placenta? It came out right after we just came out and Diana looked at it and being a nurse. She knew that all the quadrants were there and that it was okay safe.

[00:25:48] Yeah, and I don't know what we did with the placenta. I'm so excited now that got a caller afterwards got to. Talk about this freeze-dry plus into the era did that I think so. [00:26:00] No, you need to call Diana or Rusty and I thought what are we doing that but I was a little bit out of it. So I didn't think the answer that question.

[00:26:10] I do remember that. I wanted with my first child, you know the time we got into the delivery room. I wanted so bad to see my baby being born and that was a big thing with me and I remember the doctor saying. We don't have time to get the mirror and I was like, okay. Well, we'll just do it, you know and then with Sarah that was one of my big request.

[00:26:33] I want to see my baby being born so I didn't get to see that with the second one, but I think Diana got a little hand mirror so that I could see a little bit and. That visually I think is helpful when you're pushing I think so too. Yeah, a lot of moms and glued myself. You're pushing so hard you closure so over all over the mirror sometimes and then everybody just closes arise any way through but it [00:27:00] does help especially at the beginning you think I'm not doing anything.

[00:27:04] Then you see in the mirror and the babies heads right there. And then the mom pushes the baby out on the next Bush. You know, what we we did. I don't think we call now. One we called just the doctor's office and got the answering machine because it was Saturday morning or the answering lady. And we said should we go to the hospital the baby's here and I think she freaked out and then two minutes a doctor was calling back that was on call and he knew Diana so they decided that yeah, we should go to the hospital.

[00:27:34] Let me be checked out. I needed a couple stitches and that was that was another thing. I was like. And I with the first one they I didn't have an epidural or anything. So when he was stitching me up, I was like I can feel those stitches and he goes, well, I'm mg shouldn't be able to I said, but I can feel those stitches and then when we got to the hospital with Sarah, I was like, oh gosh, I don't want that again.

[00:27:57] But he said either you're going to feel the stick with [00:28:00] an almond. Are you going to feel the stick with the stitches? So. You know, I chose to just go ahead and be side up and yeah, you know, you're kind of naturally numb and that area anyway after giving birth. So it is so amazing the natural numbness.

[00:28:14] I have so many moms that will say that the stitching or the afterbirth hurt way worse than the natural parting or so. You were saying that that you got a chance to take a shower though in between we did I was I guess energized I guess with a natural birth, you know in the old days when? We delivered our own babies you had to get up and walk out of the woods or whatever.

[00:28:38] I had such energy and I got up and I said I just got to have a shower because you definitely sweat and when you're going through transition, so I took a shower and gave my husband instructions to soak the towels and. And I was laying on the floor in the meantime and finally heat register all bundled up.

[00:28:59] [00:29:00] So and Sarah was such a strong baby. I remember when Daniel was born. He didn't cry and the doctor was thumping his feet just like to make him cry and I finally told the doctor I said stop thumping him. He's not a crybaby, you know with his apgar score. They want him to cry to get a really high one.

[00:29:18] But Sarah came out and she let everybody know she was here. He was just fine and she was and she was so strong that as we were driving to the hospital. I had her up on my chest and she actually raised her head up. I love that no cars. No car seat. I totally remember being a kid and not in a Garza.

[00:29:42] Oh, yeah, like when I was like pretty young, but I assumed it when I was a baby I had a car seat right you did and we had a car seat to take you home, but you know that morning we weren't quite. Repaired and I had I was driving. I think I nursed you on the way to the hospital you and Britney Spears.

[00:30:00] [00:30:00] Yeah, exactly. Thank goodness. Thank goodness. The paparazzi weren't there now? We're going to take a short break to just share a few things with you and we'll be right back with our guest. Hey guys, if you're enjoying this podcast, then I need your help to spread the word if you know anyone who is pregnant is trying to become pregnant or just loves a good verse story.

[00:30:26] If you could send them to iTunes or Stitcher or Spotify or SoundCloud wherever they listen to their podcast and ask them to subscribe to the birth story podcast. All right, well Sarah, it's your turn. Okay now. This stopped being as our onions at the beginning of this podcast. I'm like tell us about who you are.

[00:30:50] Sarah you failed that yeah, you are like me, you know, so tell us let's start over because I want I will prompt you but one of the first things [00:31:00] that Sarah told me was about all these amazing trips that she goes on and you know going to Africa so a little bit more about who you are gay. So who I am, I'm Sarah.

[00:31:11] I'm a 31 year old physical therapist. I've been a physical therapist for about five years now my passion for the last five years really the last. And yours has been traveling. So I love traveling. I love hiking climbing running. So in 2017, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro which was huge few months after I ran my first marathon, which was something I never thought I could do.

[00:31:35] I did both of those back-to-back after that years when my husband and I decided we wanted to start a family and after do climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and running a marathon. I was like, I think I'm ready to tackle motherhood. I think that'll win right I win the marathon. I think I stopped taking birth control and I was like, you know, let's see what happens and then wait.

[00:31:59] What are you saying? [00:32:00] Rachel sheet real she also. Went to Chile. Yes. I also climbed I did the Leary's Trek from Machu Picchu. So I did some traveling before motherhood and I think that really prepared me but you know the Asia to yeah, so did Thailand and a lot of hiking there and I do this so with one of my good friends best friend, Jamie.

[00:32:22] So my husband is it does not involve golf. He does not want to go so but he's fully supportive of all my Endeavors. That was really fun. Yeah, that's who I am awesome. So I'm going to interject right here because when I met Sarah for the first time in her house, and she was telling me about her mom Rachel's birth and delivering her like very quickly on, you know bathroom floor and that she had hiked Kilimanjaro and I had said to you.

[00:32:51] Like oh my gosh tell me about how did you train for that? I've been to Africa. I like a bunch of times. I would never [00:33:00] attempt to do what she didn't ever meaning. They are animal Charlotte is kind of in the Foothills in North Carolina. So I mean, there's really not any High Peaks what Crowder's mountains like 2,000 feet or something.

[00:33:12] So my friend and I climb that. Maybe twice and we did it as fast as we could but I was like, there's no way to train here. Let's just go and see how we do. So that's what we did and we did it and had a great time. I love both of you guys. I have not met your best friend. But like this is incredible.

[00:33:30] So I probably said something out loud that I shouldn't have said, but I basically told you you climbed Mount Kilimanjaro without training, so I'm going to tell you to fuck off if you ask me for an epidural. I was telling Heidi I was like this is my birth story. This is you know, I was born in the bathroom floor.

[00:33:51] My mom is a warrior like I want to be able to have a natural birth, but I was like, I don't know if I can and you know, I've never been in a lot of pain so I'm a little [00:34:00] bit afraid and Heidi was like Sarah. You can do this and do not ask me for an epidural and I was like, okay, I love this girl, and I cannot wait to work with her and you did have an amazing natural childbirth.

[00:34:13] So let's dig in also to the third generation of precipitous labor. You're listening. If your grandmother and your mother had very fast labor, there is a high chance that you also are going to have a quick labor. So let's talk about the couple weeks leading up to your delivery and all of those doctors appointments.

[00:34:32] So actually I think my mom was with me for a week 36 for the doctor's appointment and actually was with the doctor who ended up delivering my son and I went in at week 36 and I think that's when they do the GBS test and so he's like, well, I'm in there. I'm just going to you know, check to see how far along you are.

[00:34:50] And I'm like, it's 36 weeks probably nothing. So he checked and I was already two centimeters dilated at week 36 and I was shocked I was like what [00:35:00] we thought you know, I haven't felt anything. I went back at week 37 they did not check at week 37 at week 38 I went in they checked and I think I was three to four centimeters dilated and I was shocked again because I hadn't really, you know felt much I'm a physical.

[00:35:19] I'm On My Feet. All day I work for 10 hours a day. So on my feet, I purposely sit in my little stool, especially when I was pregnant with my legs really wide, and I don't know if that helped but it I did read something from item age that you know the squatting help so throughout my pregnancy. I made myself squat a hundred and fifty times a day and I would just do like rep the 30, you know, if I had a patient who was squatting I would try to squat with them not super deep, but just you know, some knee bends and I wear scrubs it works is sitting on a stool and just kind of keeping Malik's open which I'm sure was really attractive.

[00:35:59] But anyways, so [00:36:00] that's what I did throughout my labor. So week 38. I go in I think I'm three to four centimeters dilated feeling pretty good still a little shocked. I'm like, so is the baby gonna come tomorrow. I'm going through the four centimeters dilated should my bags are packed. Should I be ready?

[00:36:14] Should I stop working and the doctor was like no you can still be like this for another month. So, you know, I'm kind of calm but Christmas is coming up. So not only am I working like 40 hours a week. Like I'm getting ready for Christmas and baking and making freezer meals and just like trying to do the mouth.

[00:36:32] Good a couple times a day. Oh, I'll put the mile circuit in the show notes. Oh, yeah, I like it. So that was really helpful, especially week 3038 through 40 how all the listeners about the mile circuit so it's actually it's kind of long to do but I felt like it was helpful. So I'm trying to remember the first position is side-lying you lay on your side for like 30 minutes.

[00:36:56] Hmm, then you walk stairs. They're like 30 minutes. So there's [00:37:00] three different things that you do for like 30 minutes each. And then the curb walking know the curb walking so that the event I would take a lot of walks around the neighborhood and I would literally have one foot on the curb and one foot on the pavement.

[00:37:12] And so apparently that sister like open the pelvis or yapping and I'm sure I look like a complete idiot walking around my neighborhood, but hey, it did the job and it wasn't super uncomfortable and then I would walk stairs kind of sideways for about 30 minutes a day along with squatting. So I feel like that really.

[00:37:32] So you are really I mean you were really like just like you prepare for a marathon you were preparing for birth. Oh, that's exactly how I looked at. You were eating very healthy and clean drinking a lot of water and drinking red raspberry leaf tea. Yes. So I guess that was huge one of my co-workers who had a natural birth who's an occupational therapist swore by that and I was like, okay, let me try it out.

[00:37:55] So I would drink like one cup a day and then by the end, I think I was [00:38:00] drinking like five cup. And then the day of labor rate. I think you texted me that you would put like 60 bags in your foot. So she said just Brew like 60 bags. I put it in like a mason jar I brewed it cold and I like drink it throughout the morning and it's I mean, it's not terrible, but I definitely think it helped.

[00:38:18] Yeah, so you are doing all the things and you are doing it right in your we are strong and you are in shape and you are healthy and you hadn't gained too much weight. Like these are all just really important things to. So long to other moms, if you want to have a healthy strong birth, and you need to be a healthy strong person a hundred percent think that that helped so much and when you said like I trained for it like the marathon like I didn't even realize like I was doing that I thought you know.

[00:38:47] I took some of the classes at the hospital and that's what one of the labor and delivery nurses who said she was like labor is a marathon you need to eat while you're in labor. She's like you need to prepare for it. And [00:39:00] that just kind of hit me. I'm like. Yeah, I mean, I guess I do have to prepare for it so subconsciously, you know, I would just if I was doing my hair in the morning, I would do squats like if I was brushing my teeth, I would do squats when I was walking the dog.

[00:39:13] I would kind of you know walk like we talked about one foot on the sidewalk one foot, you know on the pavement and then you had the birthing ball. Oh, yeah, so I had the birthing ball to my mother-in-law actually. She was like at Dick's Sporting Goods one day like about a week before I gave birth and I was like, hey, will you pick me up an.

[00:39:31] Sighs ball and literally I would just sit on that at night watch TV kind of roll around and I think that helped to but then at work, I would grab an exercise ball and sit on it tooth and then much like your mom you didn't really feel tons of contractions beforehand or were you not really looking back?

[00:39:50] I think I was feeling some contractions, but I didn't really know that were contractions. Okay. This might get a little graphic. I'm like, it's cool. This is explicit, right? Yeah, [00:40:00] so about four weeks before I gave birth. I would feel like the urge to like if I had diarrhea like the urge to like go poop, but then it would pass so it was kind of like my stomach would start to tighten but then I was like who and I would run to the bathroom and then nothing would happen.

[00:40:14] So I thought I was like kind of getting sick or had a stomach bug and then looking back. I'm like those are probably contractions. So they were uncomfortable for like 30 seconds, but then they would pass and they would be so irregular. So I. Looking back. I think that was like definitely some contractions and then about three days before I gave birth.

[00:40:32] My sister-in-law went on we went on a two mile walk and I remember there'd be sometimes we were walking really fast and sometimes I'd be like Catherine we gotta slow down and I would have liked I think a contraction and then keep going but they were so irregular. So I think over that last month I had some but I just kind of clearly did because your body was doing a lot of hard work.

[00:40:55] That maybe you weren't even. Part of in the mind which is really good things. I've [00:41:00] got two questions to we kind of skipped over what were the results of your GBS test so they were positive which I kind of freaked out about and that's why you have a doula because I was. A lot of the stuff like and I love The Practice that I was in but every time I went to talk to the doctor, it was a different doctor every time I wanted to talk about how I wanted to give birth.

[00:41:21] They were like, oh we don't need to talk about that yet. So immediately when I got the results that were positive they called and left a message. I'm on the phone with Heidi and I'm like Heidi, what is this mean? Like, I don't know and we talked through it. Yeah, it was okay and we together like I gave you all the information you needed and you would decided that you were going to go ahead and get that antibiotic.

[00:41:41] Now it's worried. I didn't want to have an IV while a bird and during birth cause you know, I was hoping I'd have a natural birth without induction. And so I really didn't want an IV but we decided absolutely it was best. I needed the antibiotics to for the health of my baby. And so I was like.

[00:41:59] [00:42:00] Knowing going into labor that I would have the IV which I was completely fine with which we talked through it. And then that last week at your last appointment had you lost your mucus plug. I don't remember that part of the foot. So I lost it I think about two weeks before I remember I think it was like the 23rd of December because it was right before Christmas and I was thinking about traveling, you know, just to Winston which is like an hour and a half away and I like I think I lost my mucus plug and I texted Heidi and I was like, I think I lost my.

[00:42:29] It's plug and I was like kind of wanting labor to come on and I. Is it okay to have sex and so my husband and I were like we want this baby here before the end of the year. We're so excited and I felt so bad because you are a church and I was like great. I'm texting Heidi about sex while she's at church.

[00:42:49] What a great mom. Thought it was amazing to hear about so like we're good. So too. Did you have sex so we did sorry your [00:43:00] mother Rachel. You know how babies get here. I hope he is and how we get our cervix open and soften so we did but you know that was two weeks before and I think really happened but it could have helped like soften it some more because I think at that point I was like 50% of eight effaced.

[00:43:18] So that was on a Sunday that Friday I went back to the doctor and that was for my basically my 40-week appointment. My due date was on that Monday, which is New Year's Eve and Heidi and I. Talked a lot before each appointment, which was great. My blood pressure had started to run just a little bit High which I was that was the only thing that freaked me out.

[00:43:38] I think about laborers. I was so worried like before I went into labor that my blood pressure would spike and that they. Make me have an induction and so every time I went to the doctor's office, I think I was just a little bit nervous and my blood pressure would go up but I was like, you know checking it at work and it was you know, 130 over 90, so it's pretty normal.

[00:43:58] But anyways, I was supposed [00:44:00] to or I went back to the doctor for my 40 week appointment that Friday and Heidi and I talked and she said, you know your GBS positive. Maybe you shouldn't get checked, you know, just see how things are going and I was like Heidi. You know, I'm a numbers person. You know, when I train for my Marathon, I like to know that I could go 18 miles and then the next time I went 20, that was like I really kind of want to know and so she was like, yeah, then then go ahead, you know get checked and she's like I would recommend maybe that they don't strip your membranes just because that can be a little bit uncomfortable and.

[00:44:34] You don't need that, you know go into labor right? Then that's fine. Anyways, I went into my appointment. I had him checked. She was like you're five centimeters dilated and we're going to strip your membranes because your blood pressure is a little high and I was like things happen so quickly and the doctors in and out and I was like, okay, I didn't even have time to call Heidi but they were like, let's try this.

[00:44:57] Little tiny medical intervention to see [00:45:00] if it can send you into labor. Exactly. So the doctor really wanted me to go into labor naturally. So I was happy about that and she was like, you know, it's a little uncomfortable but it is a tiny medical intervention. She said it should help some things.

[00:45:13] I'm going to see you on Monday, which is your due date and we're going to do a non-stress test. But she's like hopefully you won't even have to make that appointment. You're going to go into labor on your own. So I left that doctor's appointment being like the pressure is on because I had a feeling I would go in on a Monday and that they would induce right away that whole weekend.

[00:45:34] I think I squatted 5,000 times. I put up my Christmas tree and every time I took an ornament off the tree, I would squat I would rest on the exercise ball my sister-in-law and I took several to Mom. Barks, you're chugging that red really helping the red raspberry leaf tea taken stairs two at a time sideways.

[00:45:55] I was like this baby is Gonna Come? Yeah. Well Saturday [00:46:00] passes not a you know, Sunday passes nothing. I convince my husband to have sex with me which is yes. Good job didn't happen anything on Sunday by Monday morning. I was like, okay. Well actually Sunday. I was I called my boss and I'm like, I think I'm going to go into work on Monday because I.

[00:46:18] Like nothing's happening. Even that had some contractions. I just didn't didn't feel any different and she was like Sarah don't you have an appointment at 2:00 o'clock and I was like, well I can just go in till, you know noon or something and she was like, you know, why don't we wait and she's like you're going to have New Year's Day.

[00:46:34] She's like if you want to come back Wednesday you can but she's like she convinced me. She said just stay at home and chill and so she was great to talk to at work so that Monday morning I get up and I'm like, you know what it's rainy. I'm just going to make myself chill. So I made myself some bread raspberry leaf tea and I finished a book set on the birthing ball.

[00:46:55] Would you eat for breakfast? I think the cereal probably are oatmeal. [00:47:00] So I definitely was hungry. So I mean I was eating like a lot and I talked to Heidi at about 10 o'clock and we talked about my upcoming appointment at two o'clock that day and I was like, okay. So what is this non-stress test like I think I'm going to have to go through it that I'm not going into labor.

[00:47:17] What is going on? What should I do? When I go to the doctor? So Heidi talk me through I think we got off the phone at like 10:30 that yeah we did and when we got off the phone it was. Knowing on so 10:30. I'm like off the phone with Heidi 10:45. I'm sitting on my birth ball literally had just finished like the book.

[00:47:38] I was reading I was like, ooh, I feel something and this is different than other thing. So anyways, I like turned on the TV. I made a note like on my phone. I was like 10:45 and then at 10:55. I felt something else and I was like this. I think a contraction. Okay 10 minutes apart. Maybe I'm [00:48:00] going to labor.

[00:48:00] Maybe I'm not 10 minutes later. I felt something else and I was like, okay 10 minutes apart. I've got plenty of time. This is exactly how I wanted it. I'll go to my appointment at to talk to the doctor went upstairs. I started like. You know doing my hair doing my makeup to get ready for the appointment.

[00:48:21] I ate some really delicious pinwheels from Costco because I was like if I am going into labor I want to be nourished just like the nurse said, you know, you wouldn't run a marathon without eating. Why would you go into labor and not eat? So I ate like a ton of pinwheels for lunch. They're really good by the way chicken pinwheels.

[00:48:42] From Costco. So anyways, I'm like eating doing my hair doing my makeup and then I start feeling these little contractions like six minutes apart and I'm like, well, that's weird. They went from 10 minutes to 6 minutes. There are regular I'm like, I'm not in labor and it's my due date. I was like, there's no way this is [00:49:00] happening and then they get to the point like I'm doing my hair and I'm kind of having to bend over the counter and I'm like.

[00:49:08] Okay, these are stronger, you know, maybe I should like tell Wells and filling some stuff, but we're still going to go to the doctor. So I get my husband and I'm like so until and some contractions. We're still going to go to the doctor, but I'm just going to chill and he was like, well, I'm going to go to Chick-fil-A.

[00:49:25] So my husband is well, so he decided he was going to go get some Chick-fil-A. If you know it was going to be a long afternoon at the doctors and I was like get me a Diet Pepsi please and maybe some chicken nuggets because I was really hungry and this is like an hour after I had eaten so he went and got lunch in the meantime, like I'd finished my makeup finished my hair and I had bought a Squatty Potty because I thought they sounded amazing in the infomercial so.

[00:49:49] It just felt really good to like sit on the toilet and have my legs up. And so that's what I did for maybe like 30 minutes while he was at Chick-fil-A and you described a Squatty [00:50:00] Potty for anyone who's listening that has no idea what they're kind of wonderful especially postpartum to so basically they go around the base of your tolet to kind of lift your knees up like you're in a squatting position.

[00:50:14] And it just kind of relaxes everything. You don't have to lean forward or bear down. It's just you know, you're kind of in a squatting position and you can just chill there. So I really liked it. So I'm sitting on The Squatty Potty texting friends like thinking I'm not in labor. It's my due date. I can't be in labor and my water hasn't broken.

[00:50:34] So I'm like, oh this isn't going to happen. I'm still like going to make my appointment at 2:00 o'clock. Anyways about 30 minutes goes by. Wealth comes back and I wipe myself and there's blood and like really bright blood and I'm freaking out and I'm like, oh my gosh, this is like I knew about the bloody show, but I thought it was supposed to be like a little brownish.

[00:50:58] This was really [00:51:00] bright. So I'm. Well call Heidi and at that time the contractions are getting pretty strong and I didn't know if I could talk to her and Wells brought me. This was really fast. I mean we're talking like it's now noon. It's like noon, right? That's how it's like. Yeah for everyone listening to recap 15.

[00:51:16] We hung up the phone at 10:30 a.m. And nothing was going on. So now it's noon right and you are in such. Like you're having contractions that you have to have your husband call because you can't talk right and you're having bloody show and I'm still trying to keep track of when the contractions were coming.

[00:51:32] Like I'm using an app, but they were still kind of a regular it was like four minutes in 3 minutes then two minutes and then they would go back to five. So I was like, these are a regular contractions. I'm not in labor my Waters within 45 minutes of them being 10 minutes apart, right? So this is super quick and I'm like, this is just too quick.

[00:51:51] This is it happening. Anyways, when wealth comes back he brings me my diet Pepsi and I'm like this does not taste good. This is [00:52:00] flat and I was like bring me. The trash can I have to throw up and then I was like shit my Mom said she had to throw up when she was in labor. And I was like, maybe this is labor.

[00:52:11] Well, it's called Heidi I'm bleeding and my husband does not like blood or fluid or any kind of bodily functions and I was like, well as you need to look at this Blood, I was like you need to put your big-boy pants on and look at this blood so you can tell Heidi because I'm a little worried so he calls Heidi and Heidi is like.

[00:52:31] Wealth why are you calling me? Yes, so I'm going to interject right here. So at 10:30 in the morning nothing's going on with Sarah. So I take my two toddlers to the mall. I don't know to go run errands like around the holidays and then all the sudden at 12:30 my phone rings and it swells and for all doulas whenever the husband calls you there is something going on like it is like hmm.

[00:52:56] Why are you calling? So I literally answered the phone and said Wells why are [00:53:00] you calling me? And then and then he says, you know serious having some pretty strong contraction. She's on the toilet and I was like tell her about the blood and Wells looks at the blood and was and said, you know, she's having some bright blood Heidi says that it's completely normal that sure bloody show and I was like, oh, okay.

[00:53:18] I didn't realize it was supposed to be bright and Heidi said, I'm going to come just to check on you and I was like, okay, I think I'm in labor now. So Heidi get there literally in 10 minutes, which was amazing. Children were in the car exactly the children were in the car. I'm trying to drink my diet Pepsi but it just does not taste right and I'm I'm thinking I have to throw up but I never do as soon as Heidi walks into the bathroom.

[00:53:42] She knew right where to go. I had a contraction and I'm like hands, you know against the wall like really tense pretty scared because it was a strong contraction and it it ends and I'm like Heidi, I think I'm in labor and Heidi goes Sarah. You are an active [00:54:00] labor. She said you were definitely in labor.

[00:54:02] I want you to try to time the contractions. I'm going to drop my kids off right if they get closer or you feel like you need to go to the hospital you and whilst. I said if your if your water breaks where if your water breaks exactly so I was like no, I think you know, this is my dream to labor at home.

[00:54:18] I think I can stay a little bit longer. So Heidi leaves I told well that was like, let me just lay down in bed for a minute. So well as helps me to bed. And he rubs my back and rubs my feet and at that time my app is saying. I'm trying to like time the contractions the app is blinking go to the hospital and I'm like no no.

[00:54:39] No, this is this is still not labor and this is awesome. Do you remember the name of the app by any jail? I'll have to look it up David aware. Yeah, put it in the show notes at the end. I'm just curious. What what Apple you think? I'm your contractions when they start and then when they end and you know, it keeps track for you and mine were so irregular especially but they were so close together.

[00:55:00] [00:54:59] So it was literally blinking at me go to the hospital. And of course was like we got to go and I'm still like no we can wait a few more minutes then I remembered something. Heidi had told me about a previous client. She said she had waited so long that it was hard to walk out of her house and I was like, yeah, she crawl.

[00:55:16] I remember she had to crawl on her hands and knees to get to the car because the babe was so low. So I was thinking about that in my head and I was like well shit if I wait any longer, I'm not going to be able to walk out to the car go down the steps and walk to the car because like all right.

[00:55:31] Well. It's girl that I just have a feeling, you know, it's going to take a long time because my water hasn't broken. So I was really worried that it was going to go to the hospital and it was you know, still going to be a long time. So I'm going to interject right here. So I live about five minutes away from Sarah and some.

[00:55:50] I don't know how to explain it to anyone. But when you're a doula and for this mini 14 years and you see someone in labor, I got in my car to drive home to drop my kids off and I got this [00:56:00] overwhelming anxiety that I was like, I don't even have time to get out of my car and get my kids out of the car.

[00:56:06] Like I just was like something just told me Heidi you don't you don't have time so I called my sister and I said I need you to be on the front doorstep and I need you to get in my car and then I need you to turn around and just drop me off. How to take care of my kids I don't even have time to get them out of the car and she was like, okay, so I pull off at my house which is about five minutes away.

[00:56:26] She jumps in the car and we go racing back to your house and at that point, so I've get down the stairs very slowly grab a bunch of towels because I was terrified my water would break and my husband's new Suburban. He would not be very happy. So anyways, I get in the car and I'm like I. I can't sit like I would had to recline and at that point I really couldn't talk.

[00:56:51] And so I was just motioning to Wells like roll down the window. It's December but I was super hot. So I wanted that fresh air. So I was [00:57:00] mentioning to him like roll down the window and I was I think I remember saying just try to drive fast. So we get to the hospital and like 15 minutes and I'm like, where's Heidi is Heidi coming.

[00:57:10] She pulled up right behind us, and I'm happy. The right there and I just jumped I flew out of the car and liked by everybody flew out of the car and I grabbed a wheelchair put you in the wheelchair and wealth is trying. Valet is car and he couldn't so he had to go park the car. So I was so thankful.

[00:57:31] Heidi had the wheelchair because at that point I really couldn't have walked walked into the hospital. So I'm kind of reclined in the wheelchair. I remember I was holding onto the IV pole just for like some stability in the hospital. Lobby was packed and I was so embarrassed. I was so packed and you're supposed to go through this little security line and get a badge.

[00:57:52] And I just started sprinting with the wheelchair and I'm like close your eyes. Yeah, and that was that like I still here Heidi's [00:58:00] voice were going through the lobby and out. She could tell I was probably freaked out and she was like close your eyes. So I close my eyes and just breathe. And we got into the elevator and I think I opened my eyes and I saw a security guard.

[00:58:14] Yes, they chased us down the security guard chased us down and got an elevator because you're supposed to check in and I was like this baby that's coming right now. We have no time to check in and she was so sweet. She was like this female security guard. She was like awesome. I'm taking she took us right up.

[00:58:30] Yeah, and so she took us right up to triage and I was like, oh I was hoping to skip triage. And thank you. Let me tell you I've got the I've got the whatever it's called wheelchair and I know that you're supposed to take a right not go straight. And so I'm like mmm, uh, I was like and we get up to the front of the triage door, and I was like.

[00:58:53] There is no true. Yeah, I heard the screaming there is no triage. This baby is coming [00:59:00] right now. I was so excited to have Heidi there because I remember her saying that like we're at the door triage and she was like, no we are not going to triage. Thank goodness. It was full. They were like they well the first thing they said is we can deliver a baby in triage and I'm like, okay.

[00:59:16] Well this baby's coming right now. Whoever wants to do the delivery go for it, but they were full of triage was full. Yeah. Thank God. Heidi pushed me into this beautiful delivery room and I just remember her calming voice saying Sarah. This is where your baby's going to be born and I got so excited.

[00:59:33] And the nurses are not really sure what to do yet and I just remember Heidi's voice saying Sarah get on your hands and knees on the bed so immediately I got up on my hands and knees at that point. I was really having the urge to push. Although. I thought you were crushing say you were pushing if you don't remember it just at the peak of the contraction.

[00:59:54] You were having that grunt that bear down that day. You were starting to push. I definitely felt the urge to push. So [01:00:00] Heidi got me on my hands and knees. Immediately when I got on the hospital bed my water you helped me get my leggings off. I think yeah, which was awesome as soon as my leggings came off my water broke and I was so worried.

[01:00:15] I wouldn't know when my water broke. Oh, I knew when it broke like it was a gush of water. So anyways, I pushed a few times on my hands and knees which felt good the nurse gets the IV in my arm while on hands and knees and tries to check me while I'm on my hands and knees and she couldn't check to see how dilated I was so she's like we really need you on your back and I'm like do not want to get on my back.

[01:00:40] So anyways, I turn over on my back. And they checked me and they're like, oh you're 10 centimeters and I'm like I figured when you're pushing. So anyways, there were like, you know, just push here. So I think I pushed once on my back and I could just fill my body stopped. My body was like it does not like this.

[01:00:59] It does [01:01:00] not like this position. It was super uncomfortable and I think Heidi could see it in my face. Yeah. I was on fire at this point because I was like, no we are not in like no get out of the bed right now. I was like, nope. I said we will get I said something like we will get back into this bed.

[01:01:17] To maybe deliver this baby right now. She's getting out of this bed, and I couldn't be more excited to get off my back because it just didn't feel right. Yeah, so I got off the hospital bed and squatted pretty low onto the floor still holding on to the hospital bed. And I could feel the baby come down and it was so much more comfortable and Irene.

[01:01:39] Let's talk about the incredible nurse. She don't eat what's not say her name, but she was incredible. It was amazing. So I remember so at that point they had had the heart monitor around my belly and she was down there with me. Heidi was behind me at my back doing some counter-pressure which felt good [01:02:00] and this nurse was down there with me.

[01:02:02] Monitoring the heart rate talking to me, you know, I wanted to know how the baby was doing and she was like the baby's doing great, you know, he's keep doing what you're doing. So she was right down there was literally like laying on the floor. Yeah. She had put a towel down and then it was just such a great situation.

[01:02:20] My husband. I think I just walked into the room from parking the car. I remember texting Wellesley. That baby is coming. No. No, I'm sorry. I called him because I was thinking oh no, like where are you like the baby's coming and as I was calling him I could hear the phone ringing in the hallway. So he was right he was he was right there.

[01:02:39] Yeah, so heat Wells gets in and they let me push a few times while I was squatting and then of course one of the nurses was like. You've got to get off the floor or the doctor came in and he was like there's not enough room to delivered a baby right there. Yeah, you know while you're squatting and I'm like but it feels so good.

[01:02:59] Yeah. [01:03:00] And anyways, they put up the squat bar. I guess on that end of the bed. Well I said that's fine. We're going to do a couple more here than tractions here. Yeah, so we did probably like two or three more contractions squatted on the floor and then we were like, okay well can get you in a squat.

[01:03:19] That's right on the bed and it wasn't with a little hard getting in there and getting situated. But once I was on the bed with the squat bar, it felt pretty good. And I remember Heidi giving me some ice chips. I was so excited. My husband was there massaging? My shoulders Wells was so calm which shocked me which is so I wanted Heidi, you know a doula there because my husband like I said does not like blood bodily functions, and he didn't want to see anything.

[01:03:48] King but he was such a good coach and you know, I kept telling myself. I love my husband so much. I did not marry him because he was going to be a great at helping me with labor. I [01:04:00] married him for all these other reasons. So I was like as long as he can be there with me, you know, that's what I really wanted.

[01:04:07] So Heidi was the one you know. Down there in the trenches handing me ice chips and it was wonderful. So anyways, I'm in the squat positions and squat bar the doctors and they are and I think I finally lay down for a few of the final pushes just to rest you just arrest and I remember these like.

[01:04:24] Russ breaks in between contractions that the nurses would talk to me the doctors would talk to me and that was just such a great period I would ask how the the baby was doing. I mean there were probably like one to two minutes long where I would get, you know, a little rest between pushing and I would think my baby's coming.

[01:04:44] I got to look in the mirror and see his head. And I remember one of the nurses said, you know, you can feel his head and I was like, I don't know if I want to do that and she was like no, it's cool. And I remember I finally was like, okay, maybe I can and I felt the [01:05:00] head and I was just like, oh my goodness.

[01:05:02] That's my baby. That's that's little trip. You know, he's coming and I think it was one or two pushes after that. He finally came and it did take me a few minutes to. I guess learn how to push right especially on my back. And so, you know, I was trying to push and breathe out at the same time. And so Heidi and the nurses were really great at telling me how to like really bear down and push which I hold your breath and hold my breath because I'm thinking like Pilates breathing or yoga breathing, you know, letting it out and they were like 'no no, you've got to keep it in and push it down and so once I really figured out how to push.

[01:05:43] The baby came. Yeah, just a couple pushes. It's a couple fish. Yeah, like a block in your breath and hold it in a think you can hold your breath for 30 seconds anytime but when you're in labor is not so easy. Yeah, you know and that's that was [01:06:00] hard for me to learn how to push to with. So let's first one.

[01:06:02] Let's teach everybody while we're here. So we're stretching you guys we're breathing. So anyway when you're in labor you want to take it and you're pushing I mean you want to take. Deep breath in like as much air as you can get in and then you want to just let a teensy teensy little bit out and then you want to hold your breath and then you want to put your chin to your chest and then you just want to like push all that are down into your bottom while you are whole like holding that breath and then do that as long as you can and then do it over and over again.

[01:06:34] So deep right then a little bit out hold it. Chin to your chest and then push that are all the way down. That's also a good move. If you're having like tachycardia heart rate just slow down to get that heart rate to slow down to well, Sarah and Rachel you guys have been so fun teaching us about three [01:07:00] generations of kind of just really fast.

[01:07:03] Leavers but with strong resilient women who just knew they could do it. Well cousin said that she had been in labor and delivery for 40 years and Sarah and I were the fastest she had ever seen. She says that protracted labor is is unusual that is possible. So I have Sarah and 2 hours and 40 minutes.

[01:07:25] So it is possible to have a fast delivery and Sarah. How long was your start to finish little less than four hours and I am a True Believer and just like Heidi said The more active you are during pregnancy, you know, my grandmother my mom and myself are all very active women gardening grandmother was a teacher we were all on our feet.

[01:07:47] You know for the most part during pregnancy, which I think is very helpful. And also, you know, I think the power of positive thought is really good. So I read [01:08:00] animes book and I just, you know thought about. The way I wanted to labor throughout my pregnancy, you know how I thought it was going to feel how I wanted it to go.

[01:08:11] I was prepared for if I had to have an epidural or C-section, but I tried to really concentrate and meditate on how I wanted it to go. And I think that really helped. Yep. I remember you telling me that whenever people would start to tell you any kind of negative story or anything that wasn't part of your vision.

[01:08:28] You would just wash it away. I just block it out. Yeah. Yeah, I was there. When you came to visit with Sarah before the last time and I remember you asking her visualize how you want your birth story to go. Yeah, and I thought that was very helpful. And then to I think this is wonderful. Now that women have a chance to share their birth stories with other women.

[01:08:51] After I gave birth to both of mine, I wanted to talk about it. And at that time that was at really socially acceptable so remember writing down [01:09:00] notes because I wanted to be able to tell my children, you know, how long I had been in labor and what it felt like it. I'm so thankful that I did that now and I'm so thankful I have.

[01:09:10] Chance to share I am so thankful that you are getting a chance to have this microphone and this stage and this platform to share your story. Even if it's 30 years later. Alright, so we're going to go now Sarah first and then Rachel tell us about your favorite baby product that you think all moms have to have well, this is not really a product.

[01:09:32] It's a person. Okay, but a doula, I mean, I think that was. 100% hands down the best thing my husband and I did during pregnancy in a perfect world. You know, my mom would have been able to be there too. But we wanted to set things up. So, you know, she was an hour and a half away. I was worried if I went into labor and it was just my husband who was wonderful in great, but I didn't know how he would react and so [01:10:00] we decided we would get a doula and the education we got before labor started was amazing and.

[01:10:07] Heidi totally put my husband at ease which to me was a godsend because I think he was a little bit nervous about the whole thing. But then of course like during labor and delivery you just heard I really truly believe that if I didn't have a doula things would have gone a lot slower things would have been a lot more uncomfortable and I wouldn't have this amazing story.

[01:10:29] So I think every woman needs a doula that is so sweet Sarah. Thank. Rachel what's your favorite baby product that you remember? Well, I will second What Sarah Said being a mother far away and not necessarily wanting to be there for the delivery. It made me feel very comfortable that Sarah had a friend that was looking after yeah and baby products.

[01:10:52] I'm going to have to say a swaddle. Sarah we I was so fortunate to be [01:11:00] able to stay five days with Sarah after the baby was born and it was such a special time for me and I hope that I helped do the cooking and cleaning so that she could bond with a baby but you received a book from a friend the happiest baby on the Block and of course it was like.

[01:11:18] Oh God, say it, you know came on the first night that we were home with the baby and it talked a lot about swaddling your baby and I wish I had known more about that 30-plus years ago because Sarah was a bit of a colicky baby Sarah. Do you know what brand of swaddle or is there a special swaddle you're using?

[01:11:37] Absolutely there's one. My son Tripp just love that was given to me by a friend and it's chickpea the sherpa swaddle and him being born at the end of December and you know, we brought him home in January. It's been super cold and it's like a fleecy swaddle and it velcros and it's just a really cute design to so [01:12:00] he looks just like a little cuddle bug.

[01:12:02] I love you guys and you're my first mom daughter combo for the podcast. So thank you for being here. Thank you for having us. Thank you.

[01:12:15] Thank you for listening to birth story. My goal is you all walk away from each episode with a clearer picture of how labor and delivery might go and that you will feel empowered by the end of your pregnancy to speak up plan and prepare for the birth. You want no matter what that looks like.