11: Kristen Part 2

Heidi Campbell


Kristen is back to talk about her birth story with Georgie. After suffering a miscarriage, a subchorionic hemorrhage and a 30+ hour first labor she was ready for another baby. She found out she was pregnant just before Christmas, but she couldn't tell anyone. The sack was small and they were not able to see a heartbeat. They told her it might be a blighted ovum and to come back in a few weeks. At 8 weeks, they were able to see the heart flicker and celebrated with all. She was so sick. She took Zofran, but the only thing that helped was Sour stuff like Chick-Fil-A lemonade and Starbuck's Iced Passion Tea Unsweetened and protein and fat. She lived on chicken nuggets and sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches. At 22 weeks she started suffering from symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)

Desperate to go into labor, she started to call Hawthorne's Pizza to order the famous "inducer." As she went to dial, her water broke at 39 weeks and 5 days gestation. Immediately she was sailed into active labor with "cavewoman" like noises. She got to the hospital and delivered all within 2 hours. She even went from 4 cms dilated to a baby in her arms in 45 minutes. It can happen people! Kristen's favorite baby product is Quick Zip Crib Sheets and she recommends a baby carrier for baby wearing especially for #2.





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[00:02:43] Hey, I've got Kristen here again for part two of her birth stories. So we heard from Kristen about her kind of Journey with the loss of a baby and then her beautiful birth story of her son. [00:03:00] That was very long 30 our labor and now Kristen's back in the studio to share with us about baby number two, and this is a wild story so welcome.

[00:03:12] Stan thank you. Glad to be back again. Okay, let's talk about how you found out. You were pregnant with baby number two. So honestly, it was a lot. Of course, I think with your second or third or sixth kid. It's just not as I don't know. I wasn't as in tune with my body. So was it another surprise it wasn't a surprise, but it wasn't as planned.

[00:03:38] I think like we were ready. But we just kind of like seeing what was happening without like timing or any of that kind of stuff, mr. Period.  I kind of knew, you know just kind of knew took the test and it was positive. So how at this point. How old was your oldest that we just heard it just had his third birthday.

[00:03:58] Okay, so you have a three year old [00:04:00] toddler. Mmm. Okay. I'm very busy boy and I was working full-time at this point to so we had a very busy lifestyle. Yeah took the test and actually like sat on it for the day. I took it in the morning and didn't tell my husband to let night just because I was just waiting for the right moment.

[00:04:19] And again like with a three-year-old at home. Like there's not there. It's chaotic. So definitely the least. Yeah, so I wanted to like wait until he was in bed. Like I could you know, share the news with him just the two of us. Yeah. He was excited. He ran out Bobby flowers right away, which was very nice.

[00:04:38] Yeah, six weeks pregnant. The nausea hits and I was nauseous with my first but this was like another level there was definitely some vomiting, you know wanting to throw up after you've brushed your teeth. You know that okay, these brush just makes yeah. Yeah, [00:05:00] it's real smells too. Oh my gosh, and my husband at was going through this like Asian cooking phase which we love Asian food.

[00:05:08] Love it. Mike will eat almost anything, but he wanted to make it at home and I was like, please stop with the fish sauce, you know stop this is awesome. Oh man. I just can't make this stuff up. So so yeah, so I was super sick. If you listen to the first story. You'll know about the heartbeat thing.

[00:05:31] Well this one we went in and. It was Christmastime when like my first appointment was coming up and I had had some spotting and as soon as I saw that the first time I was like, oh no, I can't have this happen again. So we go in and it was a little early and so they had done an ultrasound which I really don't think they like doing ultrasounds.

[00:05:50] It's six weeks because you may or may not see anything and so they prepared me for that, but they saw a sack, but they didn't see the [00:06:00] fetal Pole. So I was still very early. Yes still very early and it was Christmas and we were it was a year that we were going to go to his family in Pennsylvania. So I was like great pregnant, but it's like a again the ultrasound tech and the doctor were both saying.

[00:06:18] Prepare yourself for that you may not see anything in my mind and then my doctor Google on my iPhone sitting in the waiting room. I'm like great. I have a blighted ovum, which is I think your body I think you do fertilize an egg, but it's like and your body thinks you're pregnant but like nothing attaches.

[00:06:35] There's nothing grows or something. I don't know an empty sack. So basically I was like great I'm gonna miscarry again. I'm going to have to go see 35 people in our family and I'm sick as a dog, you know, I can barely function him so sick. So it was we wanted to cancel our plans, but we didn't we just knew that we would be going back to the doctor after Christmas after New Year's [00:07:00] and know for sure what was happening.

[00:07:02] So that was hard. It was we had another pregnancy announcement in the family over the holiday. And so. There was kind of like a punch to the gut. Yeah makes me hers like real like I'm pregnant too but I was in such a dark place. It was like it's not going to be anything. I'm gonna miss here again, and it was hard.

[00:07:22] Yeah, so we made it through we ended up telling some people because I was. I couldn't function I couldn't socialize I couldn't do anything. I just felt so sick. And so it was kind of obvious. Yeah, I was expecting any point. Did you think like me being the sick is a good thing? Yes, yes, some people tell me that and I brush it off at the time, you know, but I knew that as long as I was still so sick that I was still pregnant and you know, and I did no, I mean I wasn't totally off my rocker like I knew that it was a little early for that ultrasound.

[00:08:00] [00:07:59] So there was hope there was still hope so we went back after the new year and. Good heartbeat. There's the baby. Everything's fine. Thank God. Yeah. So operation for New Year. Yeah. So we've got a due date and all of this stuff and so I was just super ill for the first this lasted longer 22 weeks.

[00:08:23] I think like head in the toilet and I did take Zofran for nausea, but I didn't and for vomiting I did because I wasn't like. Vomiting all the time. It was just occasionally, but I was feeling so nauseous but I didn't realize that Zofran makes everything stopped. So like constipation. Oh, okay. I was like, where's she going so bad?

[00:08:46] Oh, yeah. I think it just stops your whole digestive system or something. I don't know well, and I know that's like a pregnancy symptoms. I think audit exacerbates it yeah or can exacerbate and so that made me feel more sick. So I was like, I can't [00:09:00] do this over and take away the nausea. No, now it didn't work.

[00:09:04] They all and I started to learn about sour things. So like I lived at Chick-fil-A getting like giant Lemonade's from Chick-fil-A. There's also like this iced passion to get Starbucks says kind of sour and it's so good and I drink it. Anyways, okay, and so I like lived on that stuff. I'll put all that in the show notes as I don't I don't know what that t is but it was very good.

[00:09:24] Yeah, and it's on give to get the unsweetened. So it's that sour because when you're so sick like that. Yeah it did. And then I learned to eat just push through and just eat. Yeah, I ate a lot of Greek yogurt for the protein and the fat that full-fat yogurt. I eat a lot of chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A girl, whatever you can get in.

[00:09:48] I ate a lot of those bacon egg and cheese sandwiches from Laurel. And I you know, I was like, I don't care how much weight I gained. I just need to [00:10:00] not feel sick. And so I learned that if when I had protein and fat in my stomach it helped so. I learned to manage it and I learned to live through that nausea which at times it's very difficult.

[00:10:14] But I did 22 weeks about that are really long time man. It just so you never got diagnosed with any kind of condition. No, it wasn't like I had whatever that Kate Middleton has hybrid. That's the only person that I know of Amy Schumer right now. No on Instagram. She's hysterical know about it.

[00:10:34] Yeah, it's I can't even imagine. I mean it's not hysterical but her. Sire has Sarah called I don't know how she had that. I don't know how that Kate Middleton has had three kit more power to her. So 22 weeks and the nausea 23 weeks start the pubis symphysis dysfunction. Okay, go on please enlighten us all the [00:11:00] sudden I get this literal pain in the crotch that.

[00:11:06] Just kills so some of my clients have described it as a lightning bolt. Yeah, would you describe it that way? It just feel it on. It just feels like a broken bone. I don't know. It was awful I couldn't go for I couldn't sit and I was had a desk job and accountants. I like I had a desk job. Can't walk though and like I mean with my first pregnancy, I was walking miles every day up until the day I delivered and so, you know what that's when I have a three-year-old.

[00:11:38] So I sit at a desk all day setting hurts and then I chase my kid around, you know before and after that and so it was and we have a dog, you know, so I just and I've got a house to manage and you know, you just have stuff to do and you can't just sit around and there were nights where I was crawling up the stairs to tuck my kid into bed.

[00:11:57] Because I was in so much pain. [00:12:00] What did your doctor say about it? He said there's nothing you can do. The only thing you can do is deliver and I also went to the chiropractor. I really believe in Chiropractic whether you're pregnant or not. I think all of those adjustments got things in perfect alignment.

[00:12:18] Yes plus that SPD. Yeah. I basically my doctor said that. The gate is opening before it needs to so I think basically like your pelvis opens up a little bit. Yep. Is that right? Yeah, so she actually would that relax in that hormone. Relax a the bones just kind of left a little uh-huh, especially on baby.

[00:12:40] Number two. The doctor said the gate is opening before, you know, you're in labor and you know, as soon as you have this baby probably two weeks after you'll feel totally. Back to normal. Okay, because it you know, I get to the point. I'm never going to walk again. I'm never going to feel better again or you feel like you actually are going to break your pelvis.

[00:12:58] It looked like it was broken. Yeah, I mean [00:13:00] it really did. I've never broken my pelvis actually, but I imagine it's pretty close. So. That was difficult. So it was a more physically challenging pregnancy. Other than that the nausea and SPD though. I that's my only complaints with it. And I was huge.

[00:13:18] Also. Those are two big complaint. So how much weight did you gain? I gained 40 pounds with each pregnancy, but with my second I started heavier than I did with my first only about 7 pounds heavier. I mean the scale was. Up there then at the by the time I delivered my second and I was really uncomfortable.

[00:13:37] Yeah, you know, but I'm I mean your body is going to gain or not gay. Whatever it needs. I joke that I was like I think most women have like a delivery weight that they like deliver at so I delivered both of my babies at the exact same weight like the day I went to the hospital. I was like X number of pounds.

[00:13:57] Yeah horrible, but if it makes you feel [00:14:00] better, I gained 70 pounds my gosh with both of my pregnancies and for anyone listening don't do that. So, yeah, but I really think that you're that everyone's body whether you. A green vegan smoothie every day or whether to be Chick-fil-A. Like I did it's going to hold on to as much as it needs.

[00:14:18] Yeah, you know to create a new life and I yeah, it's just amazing when you add up all the things to of like, I mean just the placenta can weigh up to 5 pounds. Wow with all of the with all the blood volume and stuff right then a couple of pounds for the amniotic fluid. I got you know the baby can be right.

[00:14:38] I mean up to a lot of pounds, right? So yeah, so I was really uncomfortable the end, especially with the SPD and then all the pressure and stuff. So did you get checked at the end like around like 30? We have to do an internal chat. Oh, yeah. Okay, and I was just like one or two senators and that was with my first two just nothing significant.

[00:14:59] This was a summer [00:15:00] baby though. Georgie was born in August. So it was so hot. Okay, and I was swollen and but I got to go to the pool a lot too and the splash pad so man's I strapped on that maternity bathing suit and rocked it and with the cellulite and everything and just. Go girl here. Yes. Yeah, and we shouldn't care.

[00:15:23] No shouldn't care though. And everyone was I mean everyone that I would see you know, like was very supportive. Yeah. We like let me rub your feet. Yeah. Well your kids like yeah pull. Yeah, so that was nice. Let me just say thank you when you're pregnant in the summer and you get in the pool.

[00:15:40] Doesn't it? Feel so good at best in the pool we go to is kept very cold to the point that it's like too cold even when it's a hundred degrees outside. But last summer it was her ex. Oh good. Yeah. Okay good. Yeah, so tell me so how is the end then so those like that week leading up to [00:16:00] your labor and delivery.

[00:16:01] So it's interesting. I had my kids on the same gestational day. Okay, so I was 39 weeks and 4 days. Okay five days. Whatever because you had such a long labor on your first it's hard to yeah, I went to labor on the third 39 3 with the first and had them on the fifth, but I went into so I think this was about the same day 39 five.

[00:16:27] Yeah. Okay woke up in the middle the night with time a bowl contractions and I was so ready. I had gone to the chiropractor as head on that ball. I had I couldn't barely move but I was trying to walk the stairs and just get things, you know going I. I have this little bunco group in Charlotte and everyone was telling me to have sex to get labor going and I went home from bunco but night and I was like honey, we have to do it and we both said.

[00:16:58] We check it out we couldn't do it [00:17:00] was just too pregnant, you know? Yeah be pregnant and also too tired. Yeah, and so I was like I have will do but both of us were so desperate just to get this baby out because I was so uncomfortable, but we just couldn't bring herself to do it. So anyways, we tried some stuff but you know, I don't know so I woke up in the middle of the night.

[00:17:18] And I had to help all contractions and I was so excited. So I just went upstairs to our guest room to rest. So I didn't bother my husband and next thing I knew it was like five o'clock in the morning and I had fallen asleep and the contractions were gone. So and so this went on for two days. So I don't know if it's called false labor or program at all.

[00:17:45] Yeah, so, I mean they were painful. I had to stop I had to breathe it wasn't it was more than a Braxton Hicks contraction. So this they would happen for a couple hours and then they would stop and then they would come back and stopped and I was [00:18:00] miserable and the anticipation of it, you know, every time one of those contractions hits.

[00:18:05] Oh, yes. This is it and then an hour later, they're gone my gosh. This baby is never going to come down. I think what they don't tell you to is that it is labor. It's just a different type of Labor. Yeah, you know, so it is very common to have a prodromal labor where it does start and stop and you actually are making a lot of progress.

[00:18:26] Yes. I think what we're going to get to is we're going to I'm going to hear a story from you where you were making a lot of progress during those. Yapping and stopping. Yeah, so ended up being you know productive but the next day, let's see. We had gone to the pool. I did my jumping jacks underwater.

[00:18:47] Just try to get that head down try to get that cervix, you know opening the next day. I went to the chiropractor and got acupuncture. Mhm. You know in [00:19:00] all these little spots also drank castor oil at the urging of a friend that it really scared me to do but I was so desperate I had to had to have this baby.

[00:19:10] So in one day I had some I Jumping Jacks in the poll had the acupuncture and another adjustment for that SPD and taken a castor oil. I hope you only took one dose of castor. It was 1 tbsp with like a huge glass of orange. Yes, boo. Orange juice. I've never heard anybody mix it with that. So I had 1 tablespoon in the talent e double chocolate fudge ice cream or something.

[00:19:36] No can't eat anymore. Mmm. No never yeah, so I chugged mine down and I was so scared about the side effects of it. But again so desperate I was just done. So this is kind of like the perfect storm here. So I had to the acupuncture in the morning. I came home and did the castor oil it was about noon.

[00:19:57] I had a ton to eat that day. So I was [00:20:00] okay taking of castor oil knowing that there wouldn't be a lot. Yeah. Okay. Sorry TMI, so I'm sitting there my son is in daycare. Okay, so he's at school. We call it. My husband's at work and. I'm sitting on the couch. It's about 2:00 in the afternoon. And I called my mom and I'm like, hey, do you want to get a pedicure like we got to get things moving along and I'm also going crazy sitting here, you know, all my projects are done and ready to have this baby.

[00:20:33] She's like yeah. Sure. Let me call you back in an hour.  calls me at three and I had like sat on the couch and had Netflix on and. I was like, you know, she's like 80, I'm ready to go. Do you want to go and I said, you know what? I'm I'm just I changed my mind. I'm here. I'm comfortable. I'm just going to stay home for now.

[00:20:51] We'll see what happens so around.  For my husband calls and you know who's going to [00:21:00] pick he's going to pick up our son from daycare and I just said honey. I can't do it today. I really need you to do it. I'm going to go ahead and order the inducer. From Hawthorne. Yes, this pregnancy really centers around food.

[00:21:16] I think if Charlotte like we just have so many like Staples of people's pregnancy. Yeah, so husband went to get son I go I think about getting the inducer and husband calls again at like 4:45 as I'm like reaching for the phone to answer it and also call the pizza place. I felt a pop. And I felt a gosh and I it was my husband calling and before I could say anything.

[00:21:46] I said my water broke. Now we're going to take a short break to just share a few things with you and we'll be right back with our guests. Hey guys, if you're enjoying this podcast then I need your help to spread the word [00:22:00] if you know anyone who is pregnant is trying to become pregnant or just loves a good birth story if you could send them to iTunes or Stitcher.

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[00:22:59] So [00:23:00] again, you can go to burst or and pre-order a copy today and it would mean the world to me. They hustle home. Whoo. Yeah, and so I ran to the bathroom because I was in her living room. I ran to the bathroom and. More water came out like a lot. It was not a trickle. It was a complete like the first with my first layer like they broke my water it but then my water actually like came out like an hour later.

[00:23:26] It was like that. It was like this was like all of your amniotic fluid and yes on yes. It was very obvious in my case that my water had broken. And so you'd come home soon as that water broke. Cavewoman noises coming out of my body like you are in full on transition. Yeah. Skip skip flavor like deep boys like can't speak.

[00:23:51] I called my mom because she was on call to watch our son and the plan was that she was going to be with us again at the [00:24:00] hospital. So she was going to take my son to their house, you know, get him fed get him to bed and then come to the hospital. So I called her and she. At a point that she was able to come right over and so it's kind of like the perfect little storm here.

[00:24:16] And so I'm making cableman sounds my husband and my son walk in and my husband is like stop with the sounds because he never even saw that with your first right right because right about when you got to that. Transition point was when you got the epidural with the a number one. Yeah, so this was new for you and for your yes and so he's like you're like are scaring you're scaring our they are three-year-old, you know, which I understand.

[00:24:39] So I'm trying to like perk up a little bit and I couldn't so at this point like I had all of the postpartum supplies ready like including like the adult diapers, so I had like put on an adult diaper. To catch any additional fluid that might come out. So I'm like a hot mess. I [00:25:00] had a shower that day, but I hadn't put on any makeup.

[00:25:03] I don't do anything. I'd like I blow dried my hair. So it's just kind of like crazy and. It didn't matter though at this point. It didn't matter with my first I was like showering and blow drying and putting on makeup during labor. This was like, I didn't know what day it was. Like, you know, my name.

[00:25:21] Yeah, so you were like in very active labor in transition right away the beginning it was very scary. It caught me off-guard it caught everybody off guard. I think so my mom came over.  God our son as soon as my mom was there we were in the car and gone. So it was you know, I don't even know if we call the hospital.

[00:25:41] I guess we call the doctor on the way at it's very very blurry. So we any other questions before I go on no, I'm just going I hate I'm just sitting here with like bated breath. I'm like, oh no, this is what I'm thinking right now. Did she make it to the [00:26:00] hospital? So I can't wait to see things have had not come into place as they did.

[00:26:07] I would have had the baby at home or in the car. No doubt. So 445 the water broke by 515 were on the way to the hospital. Of course. It's rush hour we get there we go up to the floor. Oh, I had I had the adult diaper on and they also brought a towel with me and by the time and the whole ride on the way there.

[00:26:31] I can like barely set my first labor. Very capable in the car. No problem. This one was like I can't sit down and you realize that are and sit down because that's the baby's head right there. Right? Yeah, so but like I couldn't let myself go there, you know, and so I was very fearful this time the whole time I'm making these sounds my husband like laughing at me because he's like Kristin you've done this before, you know, it's fine and I said no this is different and I you know, I [00:27:00] said, oh my God, what if I can't get the drugs what if I can get the drop?

[00:27:03] Casino I can't do this and I knew from those classes that the I can't do this I felt so nauseous like the towel I was like kind of like gagging into the towel and I wanted to throw up and I was like, oh my God, this is transition right now like I went from. Zero to 60 in minutes and from our first interview.

[00:27:26] You're very scared about the ring of fire. That was like you're one thing that you were scared up. Yes, though. So we get to the hospital and I'm like contemplating like my first again first labor took a picture in front of the. Mothers and labor sign with the smile, you know with makeup on this time.

[00:27:45] I'm like trying to throw up into a trash can outside of the hospital, you know, not even caring is around so we get to the elevator and like I'm like moaning and cavewoman noises in the holding onto the bar and the elevator and there's another guy in the elevator with us and my husband [00:28:00] in the guy.

[00:28:00] I think just like looked at each other and like Shrugged right laughed like. Well, yeah, this is real so we get to the nurse's station of the hospital and I'm like leaned over can't speak. My husband has to speak for me and you know the nurses like they'd like took their sweet time and I understand their skepticism I guess but.

[00:28:26] I don't know. This is very different. I would think that if they were hearing sorry, I would think if they were hearing those guttural noises like that. They would know you know that it is go time. Like there's no triage. Yeah, why are ya good take me straight into a room. Oh they did. Yes, but they you know, I you know, it's like this is my second are you know, are you sure it's your water honey?

[00:28:49] I said. Yes, I have filled up like for diapers. So they take me into their room they get they helped me get on dressy [00:29:00] test the fluid. Yes, that's the fluid. You know, they get the IV going and I'm I'm a can't sit down on the bed. So they have to be like everything. I'm like standing up and I'm like, I want the birth ball and went to bed up high so I can lean on it.

[00:29:14] Like I was you know, yeah navigating everything. Do this now for me and they're like, whoa, this girl is coming in hot. Yeah, they had a seat. Have they checked your cervix? No. Okay, so they they get the you know, I'm like, let's get the labs going for the for the drugs because at this point you're like I have to have the Drone up messing with us.

[00:29:35] Yeah, so they finally check me and she's like, oh honey. You're a for what? It was like mind blown into that emoji that it's like the head exploding. I was like, there's no way right now. I'm thinking like is this the first time you've ever checked the cervix because I think that your honor under still to this day because nobody check me again at that time.

[00:29:58] And so I wonder if it was [00:30:00] wrong or if. I don't know you've seen much more of well, I have been women go from four to ten and two contraction. Yeah, so it is possible. Yeah, so, you know, I've got to go to the bathroom if you know what I mean, like something I'm moving from the toilet and moving to the birth ball.

[00:30:17] I can't even sit on the ball anymore and that really helped me with my first labor. So I was like this so different so different that baby was so low. Yeah, finally the room kind of clears out. They get us all set up. And I've got the things on we get to the hospital about 5:45. And this is about 6:00 6:15.

[00:30:39] My husband's over there like filling out paperwork and I'm like snapping at him like Hey You paperwork pen down. I need you need you right now. Yeah, like do the hip thing like putting my head around that is a I want you close to me. Yeah, I don't want to be alone right now. And so he's like, okay.

[00:30:58] It's in the contraction when passing he would [00:31:00] go back to it and I'd be like, hey, no do not leave my side. I need you in this was five or 10 minutes worth of time. Finally. I'm like, I need help. I need help. I need help someone help me and he's like should I get a nurse said yes, so at this point they haven't given you any medicine.

[00:31:17] No, they said well, they took the blood because they have to take the labs to see platelets or something. So it does take time and I understand that but I had made it very known like let's do this as fast as possible because I can't deal with this and so he goes to get the nurse and this is. 6:20 okay water broke at home for 45.

[00:31:45] Okay nurse comes in and she's like finger-wagging in my face like you need to calm down. This is your only four centimeters, you know, whatever as soon as she walks in the room that second time. [00:32:00] I was like.  my I'm sure my face changed like you know that look. This makes me laugh so hard this is so damn.

[00:32:09] I can't believe I'm sharing this. You know, the look that a toddler gets when they're going number two and their diaper. Yes my face. Hey that face. Okay, and I think she's definitely saw that my face like the you were pushing I was bearing down. Yeah, it felt like a bowling ball was coming through.

[00:32:27] But I will say it didn't hurt. It was just massive amount of. Pressure and weight it felt like it looked like a bowling ball was coming out coming through like if you had to poop. Yeah, really and you are pushing with it. I couldn't help but yeah total I think you said the ejection reflex. Yeah.

[00:32:51] It's likely totally Instinct. You have no control over it at all. Yeah, I know standing up. And so the joke sometimes when they say stop [00:33:00] pushing in your like it's a natural tree climbing. I couldn't stop it if I my life depended on it, you know, so she saw the look on my face and she goes get on the bed right now, and I said, I cannot move I cannot I don't want to lay it on want to sit and I also cannot move like I'm frozen.

[00:33:18] So the nurse said I need to check you because if this is the baby I need help. You know, I need to know we need to let the powers that be know and it's like 6:30 us almost shift change right from the nurses. So I'm sure they just loved me right so I get on the bed should text me and Yep. This is it and like this is a baby and this this is happening, you know, and so I had to be went from for maybe 2/10 and 45 minutes.

[00:33:50] Yeah. Yeah and. Were you was there a moment where you were like, but no, they haven't put that but Daryl in or were you just not [00:34:00] thinking about anything had been at that point when I felt that ejection reflex bowling ball sensation. I knew and I had already like mentally accepted that I was going to do it without ya.

[00:34:17] I from taking these classes and from doing all this reading and listening to birth stories and that kind of thing. Like I knew it would be okay at this at that point once I knew what was happening. I was okay. I kind of like went into myself as they people say but it really did happen. I remember kind of like laying on the back on the bed and like I did say, I don't want to lay I want to get on hands and knees or I want to stand and they wouldn't let me.

[00:34:43] And I think that a doula or someone else who had been there maybe to Advocate a little more what have fought for that a little harder, but I didn't have it in me, you know moment. Yeah to do. It's a really important part. I actually had a delivery last week [00:35:00] where we arrived at the hospital complete ready to push in the first thing they said was.

[00:35:04] Get in the bed and we were like hell no. No, that's quite this baby out on the floor I can and now I totally understand it. That would be so much better. Yeah, but again, I didn't have it. I made a fight. So I just like sat on the bed and they get it all broken down and whatever the doctor comes in and I had a great doctor a woman who had kids and so that helped me too.

[00:35:26] But at this point had gone into myself the contractions had stopped so there really wasn't a lot of pain. And you know and that is so normal and I think that people don't realize like especially if they have inductions and like it's a contraction pattern but when you have a natural childbirth, you have very long periods without any contractions at all.

[00:35:50] It's like your body gives you this natural rest period right before it's go time again. Yeah, so you're kind of experiencing that yeah. It was amazing troll-like long. [00:36:00] Just kind of rest time. And I remember I remember laying back on the bed and like my eyes were closed and I was like like in met total like meditation almost, you know, and so I knew what was going to have to happen and the doctor promised me to contractions in this Baby's out, you know, yeah five minutes and you're done and you're through and don't even worry about it.

[00:36:23] Like the only way out is through but you can totally do this and it's going to be over fast. And I was like, you're lying your whole life. Yeah, and then I came back to myself and said you're all lying and it's gonna take forever and I'm gonna push her two hours and all this stuff and they said no you're really not because the baby is right there.

[00:36:41] Yeah, and so the next contraction hits Can you feel it building? It was fucking the memory is foggy, but it was they I guess I did have a contraction they made me push. They had me push [00:37:00] I guess but then they did what they didn't let me stop pushing. Okay? You know God I needed you Heidi, you know, I needed somebody there.

[00:37:12] Well, I'm gonna guess right now. So on that contraction, did you push keep pushing and push the baby out? I pushed out the head. Yes. Okay. Yeah, there's probably a reason why they said okay that okay. So if the monitor was on I don't know you may get to this in a minute if the cord was wrapped or anything like that.

[00:37:29] Not that I know of so, but if they tell you to keep pushing keep pushing keep pushing, okay, because they're going to fully delivered. Ahead and then we're going to take a break and then there are probably going to deliver the shoulder and the rest of the day. Okay on the next contraction. Okay.

[00:37:42] Wait, we don't want to get that head compressed. I think it's kind of stuck in the middle. So I'm going to kind of guess for your doctor because I'm not your doctor, but I'm going to kind of guess that they were just saying. You know trying to get the head all the way through then you'll have a break and then on the next [00:38:00] push or contraction, they'll get the shoulder and the rest of the baby out.

[00:38:04] That's exactly what happened. And so the head was born and I never felt that way. Fire. Yeah. Okay. I'm so glad I pray thank you. And I tore added onto our listeners. Yes, you know and I had a second degree tear and I didn't feel that either. Yeah. So your natural when you have a natural childbirth, you naturally kind of go numb because of like bearing down all the blood and all that.

[00:38:27] I believe it. Yeah, so that's exactly what I experienced. So yeah. You have to really amazing bird this. Yeah one you long and you know medicated but you made really good choices for your body like at all the right times and then this really like they call it precipitous if it's less than four hours.

[00:38:47] So a really fast precipitous birth, you know from an Abrupt water break and still like a beautiful bird. Yes. It was it was wonderful. Yeah. Yeah, so special. So on this one did your [00:39:00] husband get to cut the cord again? He did and he also didn't know what we were having and he was convinced. It was a girl and so when a boy came out he goes, oh my God, it's another boy.

[00:39:09] Oh my goodness. I love it too. So boy. Yes. You have my heart. So fun just like me. It's amazing. Yep. Well Kristen, thank you so much for being on the podcasting. Yeah 80 so for two different episodes because you have such different birth stories or so much. Location for moms that are listening to learn from you.

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[00:41:04] Thank you for listening.

[00:41:14] The first story. My goal is you will walk away from each episode with a clearer picture of how labor and delivery might go in that you will feel empowered by the end of your pregnancy to speak up plan and prepare for the birth. You want no matter what that looks like.