10: Meet Amy. She delivered her VBAC baby in the CAR

Heidi Campbell


Amy walks us through her three births and how she ended up delivering her 3rd baby in the car with a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). She was induced with number one but birthed vaginally. On number two, he flipped and stayed breech and was delivered via C-section. She was surprised with baby 3 and was encouraged by her OBGYN to deliver via VBAC. She hired a doula and labored at Costco. This episode is thrilling and will keep you on edge to the very end.

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[00:00:00] What does a contraction feel like how do I know if I'm in labor? And what does the day of Labor look like? Wait, is this normal? Hey, I'm Heidi Campbell a certified birth Doula host of this podcast birth story and owner of my Doula Heidi. I've supported hundreds of women through their labor and deliveries and I.

[00:00:29] Give that every one of them and you deserves a microphone and a stage. So here we are listen each week to get answers to these tough questions and more first story where we talk about pregnancy labor deliveries where we tell our stories share our feelings and of course chat about our favorite baby products and motherhood and because I'm passionate about birth outcomes.

[00:00:55] You will hear from some of the top experts in labor and delivery whether you. [00:01:00] Pregnant trying desperately to get pregnant. I hope you will stick around and be part of this tribe. Episode 10 R8 by now. Everyone should know that I have my first book coming out this summer and the cover of the book is the story that you're going to hear today.

[00:01:19] When I did a focus group about the book everyone in the focus group said, who's that girl? What's her story? We want to hear her birth story. So sit back and relax and I hope that you enjoy meeting Amy one of my very best friends and she delivered her third child by vbac vaginal birth after cesarean section in the car.

[00:01:45] You're not going to believe it. But I hope you learn a lot and that you enjoy this episode.

[00:01:52] Hey everybody, it's Heidi with the first story podcast. And today. I have my best friend Amy in the studio, [00:02:00] and I'm really excited about this because she is the cover of my book. She Graces the cover of the book and has been the inspiration for birth story and when I held a focus group. When I was finalizing the book everybody was like who is this beautiful woman?

[00:02:18] Like we want to know everything about her like tell us about her and so her story is going to be featured in the book as the forward, but I wanted everyone that's listening to get a sneak peek at Amy's story. So welcome Amy. Hi tell us a little bit about yourself. So where do you live what your family like currently living in Louisville, Kentucky?

[00:02:43] And married and have three kids. I have a photographer also full-time mom. Tell everybody about your photography business because I want to Rea that anyone's been to my website. My Doula High or hers is Bluegrass [00:03:00] be Ebe. Then you will see some incredible work. So how did you get into photography?

[00:03:07] It's something that's always been a passion interest of mine. I did it pretty seriously. Through my senior year of high school like with journalism went on to study photography at Florida State. That was my had a bachelor science in studio art, but once I left College, I was so afraid to make my passion a job and then lose my drive for it and lose that spark of creativity.

[00:03:31] So went and did it. Various other jobs from title insurance to corporate Communications and transportation and then the camera made its way back into my hands as a start taking pictures of my own kids. People said, oh, what are you a photographer always just said I used to be. I know I used to be but you know, I can take pictures of your kids if you want me to [00:04:00] totally downplayed it.

[00:04:01] Oh, why do we do that? I don't know women like a make looks like we make ourselves less than what we are totally. So one day you just jumped right back in. Well, I mean, honestly it was the encouragement of my husband and. It's the one just give it a shot. You've always wanted to do this. It's always, you know something that you're good at and so I bought a domain am I sitting on our back porch came up with the name of business and I actually had to Google it because I wanted to make sure and Kentucky Horse Racing is obviously, you know, a big part of our lives and want to make sure it wasn't the name of a horse.

[00:04:40] Yeah, and when the nothing came up, I was like, okay, there's a fine. For everyone listening if anyone is in or around Louisville, Kentucky, Amy is an incredible photographer for both maternity shoots and just family lifestyle. So if you go to her website at [00:05:00] Bluegrass baby right beb or what's your Instagram with your handle?

[00:05:05] It's Bluegrass baby. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah awesome. So I love how he's a baby and I'm like baby. So that's North Carolina for the best. I love it. All right. Well Amy's here to tell us about delivering her baby in a car. You guys are not going to believe this story her third baby. So first of all, let's start with his name.

[00:05:30] Let's start with tell us about your thirds name. His name is Thomas roads Barber roads was a name that. Sophie actually my oldest came home with from summer camp there was a kid named roads. She thought it was cool. She threw it in the mix for us. Well, when he was born basically on the side of the road, we thought wow, that's pretty fitting so perfect.

[00:05:54] Right? So, all right. So now that everyone knows you've delivered your baby on the side of the [00:06:00] road. It's an incredible story and we're going to get there but let's back up to like, this is your third baby. So, how did you. To the point of delivering a third baby on the road who was a vbac. So let's go through the birds of your first two just really quickly.

[00:06:17] Yeah. Sophie was the first she's nine now we did like the basic. Birth class parent education. I didn't really read a ton of books or study super hard. I just thought you walked into the hospital and had a baby. So that's what we did. I had to be induced because she went over by I think eight days past my due date.

[00:06:40] Okay, and I was terrified. I remember sitting down on the hospital bed and my water broke. So I thought okay you in Labor or you would not have showed up for your duck showed up for an induction seven o'clock in the morning. Sat down my water broke and I thought okay. This is this. Okay. We're good is happening.

[00:06:57] Yeah for anyone who's listening Amy's not going [00:07:00] to tell the story right now where she went home, but if anybody is shows up at the hospital for an induction and your water breaks kindly asked to go home for a few hours and he didn't know that. Laborers are that's what this is educational podcast, but because that means you know labor there's you know, maybe sometimes you don't need to be induced at that point.

[00:07:21] No, I'll just write interject. So if your water breaks you you could have maybe gone home, but they didn't give you that option. They didn't give me the hospital. I didn't even know it was an option, you know, probably from a hospital perspective. It's probably not an option, but from a doula perspective sure I would have said go, you know should have his own.

[00:07:37] Yeah. So you were sitting there on the hospital bed and your water. Yeah, what did that feel like? It just a little bit of a pop like nothing uncomfortable water warm worm and worm can okay. Wait, hold on. Did I pay myself or yeah. Yeah Everything feels a little bit different. Yeah. So quickly moved into a [00:08:00] pitocin drip.

[00:08:00] Did you start contractions at all after your water broke? No, no. Okay. So you it was like, oh, yeah. It wasn't until they had me hooked up to pitocin. Okay. I don't even remember ever leaving the room after. To like walk or anything. Okay, so they got the IV going they put pitocin in do you remember and then you started feeling contractions started feeling contractions got to the point where?

[00:08:23] I remember being on the ball like we have pictures of me on the birthing ball. And I just said I can't can't do it anymore. I can't do this on my own anymore. And you remember how far along you are. I know this was a long time ago. So these nine bucks. Yeah. Do you remember how far progressed I wanted to like?

[00:08:42] I don't know how far dilated I wasn't anything like that, but we were only a few hours then like it was still mourning. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So so was I girl yeah, I remember. Yeah two centimeters. And I'm a doula right now. Yeah, it is. Okay. So you're sitting on the ball. You're like, okay, [00:09:00] I'm done.

[00:09:00] That was good. Right and I'm ready for that Federal. Hmm. So they put the epidural in did that go? Well get went really well. Okay. Yeah. And again, I didn't even know it was something where like there was a risk of it. Going wrong. Yeah, or like but that's okay because everything went right?

[00:09:17] Absolutely. Yeah, so you had a perfect under Gods bless. Ya you had a perfect epidural it went in you got numb in all the right places, but now you're confined to the bed. So almost okay. I do remember that. I got up at one point because I started kind of feeling I felt like I had to go the bathroom Okay, so I got up and they let me but with assistance obviously, yeah.

[00:09:42] I don't really know how that was possible. But I know it happened and went to the bathroom. Sometimes you can feel your legs and move your leg Yeah. Maybe it was like really close to after when I got the epidural. You say go to the bathroom. You mean p or you had to poop I had to poop. Okay. Did you actually have to pay?

[00:09:59] Yes. [00:10:00] Oh and I did so because sometimes you know, sometimes when you get towards transition or the end of Labor, you know, women will feel the urge to poop but that is actually the baby coming up exactly like no. I just really have to do it. Right so and the one thing that I didn't want I did not want to lose that one shred of dignity that I had left.

[00:10:17] Yeah. Okay, so I do remember that. Brian was hungry his parents were there so they ran like across the street to get Subway and the doctor came in and said, well, you know you. Penton meters like let's start pushing, even though I don't have the urge and I said, can we please wait at least until my husband gets here because I'm thinking I'm gonna push 3 x babes gonna pop out, right?

[00:10:38] Yeah, not the case. Yeah, so he comes back with his Subway. I'm like, can you kindly put that down because I can't eat. Yeah, so we started pushing and pushing and pushing. I was exhausted. Yeah, like three and a half hours. So let me pause right here for anyone who's [00:11:00] listening and you have an epidural or you or induced just because you're 10 centimeters dilated does not mean that you have to start pushing your baby out.

[00:11:10] There is something called laboring down which lets the contractions push your baby down rather than you exerting all this effort and pushing the baby down right most of the time. I don't know the statistics doesn't matter but most of the time you will still feel the urge or the pressure in your rectum when the babies relief are distended and so I just want people to hear this story and know like if there's something that we could teach someone about your birth is that if you're laying in a hospital bed with an epidural in your 10 centimeters dilated, but you don't feel pressure and you don't feel the urge to push then don't feel pressured into pushing your.

[00:11:53] He will guide you and will lead you so turn over on your left side or your right side put the peanut ball between [00:12:00] your legs and let that baby labor down and kind of let the contractions do the work. So I just want to pick up right now because this was nine years ago, you know, and unfortunately, we don't have dual has or bedside nurses at the hospitals to kind of help us with these things.

[00:12:14] So if the position of the baby Sophie was high because you weren't having the urge to push right and he started pushing so that's why it's. Did you say three and a half hours? Yeah, so three and a half hours. Yeah, which high five let's just high five. There you go. Three as a long time. This is a long time to push.

[00:12:35] It is an after-the-fact. The nurses told me that they had all of the paperwork ready for me to sign to go into the OR and have a C-section. Okay at that point. They didn't think it was going to happen. But Sophie had had the the little monitor that they just screw into the yeah, so it's called an internal fetal scalpel Monitor and it just is like a little electrode.

[00:12:57] So my OB said well, we'll [00:13:00] just take this off and maybe that millimeter will give you what you need to get this baby out and. And she came. Oh incredible. Yeah. Okay incredible. Now, I remember the story from the fern perspective that she was in An Inconvenient position. Very inconvenient. Yes, and probably where a lot of that pain came from.

[00:13:23] Yeah. So did she deliver sunny side up he did. Yeah. So for hey looked like she had been in a Total Knockout battle bruised. Yes, the swollen. Yeah poor little thing. So if you're listening. This podcast and you don't know an ideal birthing position for a baby. It would be head down and face down so that the baby's face is looking towards like your rear end.

[00:13:48] But in Sophie's case she was. Turn to the other direction so she came out like looking up at your belly button or looking up at the ceiling that can cause a lot of back [00:14:00] labor and a lot of back pain, which I think is why you got the epidural so early right to because she was in a and I had no idea.

[00:14:07] Yeah, so it's not really a bad position. It's just. Is this a difficult laboring position? Right? So but she came three and a half hours of pushing and there she was yay. And what was that moment like when you became a mom? Oh my gosh, it is so exhilarating but terrifying to like I didn't grow up around kids.

[00:14:30] How am I going to do this? Like do I hold her to lay her down? Like what if she cries somebody help me feed this baby. And neither of you had family here. Right to write well, you know Brian's parents had come in for the birth. And then right after that my parents came up. But yeah, we only had a few friends here.

[00:14:49] Not many of them had children. So this is unchartered territory and I charted territory a mom. Yes, so well, I will say for everyone that's listening [00:15:00] not only is a me one of the most amazing photographers that you will ever come across in her Instagram is beautiful so visit it but I have learned everything about I'm gonna cry about being a mom from this woman.

[00:15:13] So you can't you went first in our group with my group of friends our circle of friends, but man I mean, You guys I know things like about making homemade granola about chia seeds nursing. I mean things that I would have never essential oils things. I would have just never come across if we weren't friends.

[00:15:36] So you're an incredible Mom. Thank you. So you get pregnant again how many years later? The 23 months apart. Okay, so and no fertility issues at all. Like no, you know with Sophie we tried for like nine months. Okay, and then with Tucker, I think it was maybe three. Okay, but in that 9-month Journey you never saw a [00:16:00] fertility specialist never saw a specialist.

[00:16:02] I did get the prescription for Clomid. Okay, which I took and then you were supposed to wait for your next cycle and then begin the progesterone but I never had another period so I called the doctor and I was like, what are we doing? Like this is ridiculous like this taking forever. I'm done with the Clomid just like have you taken a pregnancy test and I said well, yes like, you know every day.

[00:16:25] We'll go home and take one more and I did and it was wow. Okay, so nine months for till I would call that a fertility Journey. Okay, really anything over six months. I believe you go into the club. Yeah of women that are on a fertility Journey. That's a long time. Yeah. That's that's a long time of 9.

[00:16:47] A lot of those. Yeah a lot of NOS. So so then when were you expecting it to take a long time with Tucker then too? Didn't really know. I mean we weren't in a super hurry, but you know, once once [00:17:00] the baby turns one and then they're walking and talking and like not so babyish anymore. It's instinctual.

[00:17:06] I don't know you just all of a sudden want another one even though I couldn't imagine like splitting my love between. Two babies. How do you do that? Okay, so I'm going to Let's laugh right here because you just said I can't imagine spending splitting my love between two babies, but for everyone that's listening.

[00:17:24] I remember a conversation with Amy before her first daughter was born Sophia because she couldn't imagine splitting the love between her dogs with her new daughter that was coming. Now. How did your pregnancy go with Tucker? Super easy? Just like really my pregnancy was Sophie. I feel great when I'm pregnant like I could do that a lot of times.

[00:17:47] I think so many women say that they just love being pregnant to you were one of them. Yeah. I mean I loved to eat. I loved the cute clothes. I felt great like I [00:18:00] love getting out and moving my body and like thinking about everything that was going on inside like it just it made me feel so much more alive.

[00:18:08] I don't know. Does that sound silly? No, not at all, but I. Here that's all the time for moms that they weren't they felt like their best self when they were pregnant just so beautiful and so glowing probably the way that I see all pregnant women. Like I just see them as the most beautiful beings on this earth like so magical just feel like capable and like.

[00:18:33] Wow, I like I'm growing a human. Yes, like I can do anything. Yeah. So in this you guys had moved right also frosted Charlotte to Louisville. So and I was maybe four or five months along with Tucker. Brian got a new job in Louisville where his family is and that I knew that was always like a part of our plan.

[00:18:56] We just didn't know when the right time would be and it happened really quick. And [00:19:00] so I did transfer all of my care and. Oh my gosh, so we ate out a lot of takeout. We grilled a lot of stuff but like there was dessert every night and we didn't join gem when we move there and like I was addicted to going to the Y here in Charlotte so did like I lost my gym membership.

[00:19:21] We start eating out and eating dessert every night. I mean the fact that I didn't gain a hundred pounds. I really like did you gain do you remember I gained maybe 40 with so. The maybe 4142 at soccer. Okay. So just you know, you feel a little stretched out a little bigger Second Time Around. Yeah.

[00:19:40] I mean I think 40 is a really good goal for people. Yeah, so 25 to 40 they say I gained top-of-the-range 1870. Amy's helping me get back in shape. We just went through the whole cycle yesterday. It was awesome. So so you are doing one of the hardest things [00:20:00] that a pregnant woman could do, which is you have an infant which were you still nursing?

[00:20:05] No? Okay. Well, there's one thing off your rear to-do list. So you haven't invent you're living with your in-laws you're trying to find out Sullivan and you're pregnant and you change care providers. Whoo, like I'm exhausted that makes me have heart palpitation. So so. Get to this new provider and your pregnancy is going great.

[00:20:25] But then what happened? Well, we near the end and realize that he's breech. Yeah with no interest and turning it around and were you devastated? Were you? Okay? Like what were you stated? You were devastated devastated as terrified? And it's not because there's any sort of like judgment passing on in the way that you have your baby, right?

[00:20:55] Yeah. I just didn't want it for me. I've never broken a bone knock on [00:21:00] wood. Like I've never had any sort of major surgery being and the doctors care just terrifies me the needles the monitors the like that. Cold rooms like just make it go away and so here and I'm staring down the barrel of a scheduled cesarean section.

[00:21:23] And how did you take it because I remember you tried a couple of things though, right if you yeah, I kinda laying upside down a lot whether it was like against the couch or on the yoga ball or big stack of pillows. I don't think I really. New.  that it was possible outside of doing like the version.

[00:21:48] Yeah, which that scared me too. And why are you going to go through that pain? If it could just flip it back around? I mean, I know obviously it works or they wouldn't offer it. He just was he [00:22:00] was in there he was did they I know they offered you the version or No, it didn't. Yeah, it wasn't suggested to me at the time.

[00:22:10] It may have just been how far along you were how big he was. I mean, there's multiple things that go into that right decision. So it was not on the table for you. It wasn't so it. C-section only like the worst all the choices were taken away from you, right? Okay, and you had already had a vaginal birth, correct?

[00:22:27] So so you're one of those very interesting people that had a vaginal birth first and then a cesarean second. So what they just go ahead and schedule the day we scheduled it. Yep. Okay. Now what did that feel like like once you came to acceptance and you knew the day you were going to have your baby like were you scared?

[00:22:47] It's terrified and I really don't think I accepted it until I was on that table Yeah, truthfully. We had to check in may be at like 9 o'clock in the morning, but I was [00:23:00] scheduled for like noon. Okay didn't go in till 4:00. Because they had various other emergencies to deal with that day and I was you know, a scheduled C-section and emerge very low on the totem pole but you've wanted one point of nurse came in to check on us because I was hooked up to all kinds of monitors and stuff already and she just said we you're just banging out the contractions.

[00:23:21] So here we are again in labor, right you get to the hospital and you go into labor. And nine the body connection right? I'm like, I'm gonna go into labor and you are not going to intervene. You're not taking this baby out, but truthfully he was so high like, I remember even when they did the C-section like.

[00:23:43] It seemed like there was an extreme amount of like pulling like to get him down far enough to pull him out. And did you do you remember feeling like the relief of pressure when he was born? Like now, okay because I was wondering because [00:24:00] I haven't had a C-section before but the feeling of having like a vaginal birth like you had with Sophie is like I just remember like this emptying like right after you give birth like it was like, oh like on empty like the pressure was gone.

[00:24:15] I don't since I've never had a C-section. I was just curious if you feel that I think there's someone in do but you are not like you are so not muted right feel it. All right, so. But to take it back to between the nurse noticing my contractions and me going in the room. The only thing that was like keeping may study was that like my mom was there and Brian was there and as long as they didn't leave me I was going to be okay, but when they took me in for the spinal.

[00:24:46] No one else is allowed in the room. Yeah, I wish we could unpack that with the medical community. Yeah, like I have Big Dreams for this podcast that like maybe a million people listen to this someday and like we need to put that on the table like is [00:25:00] the best birthing experience for moms. To have them be alone now for any part of that process and I'm sorry the nurse that you just met or the anesthesiologist is not your comfort or support person.

[00:25:13] So, you know, I just I dream of a world that when we're going through childbirth education or we're doing our Hospital toys. There's something that your partner could do to prepare that if it went to cesarean section that someone would be holding your hand the entire time like women deserve that.

[00:25:33] They deserved a not be alone. Yeah. So anyway, that's my little tangent for today. No, I agree about lately. I'm sorry that you were alone. But you knew they were there they were there and they, you know, Brian came right in as soon as they allowed people back in the room and interesting to this mean this may be.

[00:25:54] The wrong timing, but it may not be I don't know because your husband's and medical device sales. So [00:26:00] he's in the operating room. Like this is what he does. He wears scrubs every single day. He goes into the operating room and he does surgery and they still didn't let him. Come with you, right he had plenty of credentials.

[00:26:11] I'm sure it'd be like fully credentialed for the operating room for the hospital and they still don't let him mmm. Wow, that's something we need to work on Health Care Systems. Okay. We'll keep going PSA. Yeah food for that for another day. It's the next. Yes. Okay, so they finally came in and joined you for the C-section.

[00:26:33] And then I felt great like after I got the spinal and was laid down. I told like the anesthesiologist whoever that person was, you know, you never really see him again. Yeah was fantastic like told me everything like if I was feeling this tell him this feeling this tell him that and I knew at one point of starting to feel really nauseous and within like 10 seconds, whatever he had pumped in my line made it all go away.

[00:26:59] So. [00:27:00] And at that point I don't you know, that's when I think I gave in to the idea of this is this happening. Yeah. Wow, Ray before - right and then they say, oh they put the drape up because I don't need to see that like personally, you know needle scare me. I don't need to see my everything but out there on my belly.

[00:27:23] It just wouldn't have done me any favors mentally. So the Brian got to say. It's a boy because you didn't know the gender right? Did you know a Sophie we did? Okay, so you decided to be surprised side to be surprised and truthfully that was one of the like things I was clinging to to like bring me joy in that moment was that I still get a surprise at the end like yeah, I'm still getting you know to find out.

[00:27:49] Yeah, so he got first. Look over the drape. So would you give that as advice then? Like if you know you're having a plan cesarean to give people our [00:28:00] planners and if you know, some people don't mind the surgery, you know healthy mom healthy, baby. Yeah, if you're not terrified of medical intervention, like I am, you know, some people just want to know but like for me.

[00:28:15] It was the best thing to not know. Yeah. What a cool surprise. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. Okay. So then recovery like did you get to hold Tucker right away after the C-section I did. Yes. I got to see him and I think I got a like.  truthfully.  I don't know how that first moment played out. I do know that within minutes, I think the last Stitch the last time the Stitch that went in I heard my physician say, you know 21 minutes.

[00:28:50] So I was the first cut to the last Stitch was only 21 minutes. Wow, and after that I was like stable. And able to like sit [00:29:00] up and I got to hold him and bi-stable. You mean like your blood pressure, right? Yeah bleeding was control that kind of thing your temperature. Okay, and I was able to hold him and they rolled us to a little recovery room like a temporary like a holding place.

[00:29:14] What would you call that? But the current recovery? Yeah, but it wouldn't actually have a room yet. Yeah and someone came in right there and. Lactation consultant came in to help me nurse. Oh good. That's fast. Yeah. It was really fast. I mean it wasn't like from the belly to my skin. But yeah, it was as fast as I could imagine it would have been I'm assuming at this point.

[00:29:35] You're still pretty numb. Yeah. Okay, so you're not like in pain like you're setting up your holding your baby, right? But you're not really feeling pain right or not. Do you remember when the pain kicked in? I'm gonna go with that night. Okay, and then they make you get out of bed and stand up and that straightening of your back and pulling of your abs and Staples for the first time.

[00:30:00] [00:30:00] Oh, I just have like the heebie-jeebies looks like look. I'm looking at Amy's face that she's describing it do and it's making wiggling in my chair. Yes. I'm like, oh that does not sound comfortable. That sounds yeah. That was that was hard. But you know you get up and you do it. Yeah, and then you still have all the like the normal postpartum things going on with your body.

[00:30:22] So someone helping me to the bathroom and checking out the size of blood clots. And yeah, you had a pretty standard first birth with Sophie and then honestly a pretty standard. Scheduled cesarean, right and everything went well like no complications no infection. None anything like that and then did you know you wanted to have a third child?

[00:30:49] It was always on the table for me if I'd have taken a little convincing. I'm Brian Smart. Okay, but yeah, I just [00:31:00] had this feeling that I wasn't done. Okay, I want to do it again and every time you pick up more information more knowledge, you learn to trust your intuition a little bit more and so I just thought this third time I'll just do it right.

[00:31:13] Yeah, I'll get everything right. Now we're going to take a short break to just share a few things with you and we'll be right back with our guest. I'm so excited to tell you about my first book that I wrote that is launching. This summer is a 42 week guide to your pregnancy. It's a collection of birth stories.

[00:31:34] It has a ton of dueling advice from all of the questions that my clients have asked me over the last 14 years. It has hysterical partner tips that you will want to read to your partner and it has journaling prompts because nobody has time to write a 20 pages in there. And all about their pregnancy.

[00:31:52] So I've taken the Liberty to give you some prompts of things that I think you might want to remember back on [00:32:00] after the baby's born. So again, you can go to burst or and pre-order a copy today and it would mean the world to me. Hey guys, if you're enjoying this podcast, then I need your help to spread the word if you know anyone who is pregnant is trying to become pregnant or just loves a good birth story.

[00:32:22] If you could send them to iTunes or Stitcher or Spotify or SoundCloud wherever they listen to their podcast and ask them to subscribe to the birth story podcast. Let's get into that story. Okay God, that's the reality. Yeah, so number three was not quite Bland and I want you to tell everyone that's listening about your trip to the OBGYN.

[00:32:48] So I went to the ob for regular checkup, and I wanted to change my birth control. So I wanted one that was like low amount of hormones. [00:33:00] I got but this one made me like actually not have periods. Which is kind of troublesome if you're like, maybe maybe not. What is this? Is this is this a pregnancy is this that because of the medicine so you much anxiety.

[00:33:16] Yes not worth it. Yeah, so regular checkup at the OB and we were going to change my birth control and she said when was your last period and you know had been like a month and and I thought it was probably like the low estrogen. And she said well, we're just gonna we're just gonna take a pregnancy test just in case so she went out to write the prescription and you know, when they leave the room and pull the curtain get dressed.

[00:33:45] I literally had one leg in my pants and the door blows open and she said did you know you're pregnant and I said, well, I dunno. Oh my God, you were like no, of course. I don't know. I'm pregnant. I'm here birth [00:34:00] control. How did you tell your husband? I think I got in the car and texted him because I knew he was like he was busy that day and and I said well, what are you doing on July 20th next year and he's like why and so I picked up the phone and called him because I knew his available.

[00:34:18] Yeah, that's like it while we're having a baby. Oh my gosh now because we're friends. I know this but like that week before you weren't feeling good. But you had no idea you were pregnant. But like you just did you just feel like you had the flu so we had just lost Maddox your dog. Yeah, my like baby truthfully.

[00:34:41] I mean my. Emotions and like had no appetite and like I just missed missed her. So fiercely that I was blaming all of my feelings on that just grief grief. Yeah. So total surprise total surprise and was your [00:35:00] husband excited was he? Okay. He was like is this for real? Yeah. Yes because this could go many ways with many people that are listening, you know, like dang it.

[00:35:10] We're both really excited. And so. Say that I think he knew that deep down like I wasn't done. Yeah, and he wanted another one. Yeah, so, okay. So how did your pregnancy go with Thomas? Because now you're coming off a cesarean section. So how far apart are Thomas and Tucker number two and number three.

[00:35:31] Three and a half years. Okay, so three and a half years later, which means you would have been pregnant, you know, 10 months earlier than that. So to include a half. Yeah two and a half. So you were healed from your cesarean section. Absolutely at what point did you say like, hey, I might be interested in a vbac.

[00:35:52] Is that was that your idea or your providers? Right after she gave me a hug. Yeah, like when she said you're pregnant. She said well [00:36:00] you're going to be back. In wow. Yeah, the I love her. Yeah me too. Don't say her name, but I won't this magical unicorn. Yeah beep. Well, I was promoting a vbac love her another because you had a successful.

[00:36:14] I will say this dads are much better when you've had a successful vaginal birth first. Yeah, but the only reason I had one was because he was breached. There was no other like medical reason. Yeah, so she was your cheerleader from day one a but you know, they are on Tech part. Is that her. Do vbacs so she had to go get her cell phone and call like one of her little colleagues and another practice and referred me over but she really does like high-risk vbacs.

[00:36:44] So I thought I was a shoo-in like yeah, she would take me I would be easy. Yeah, but yeah, like got out her cell phone and like texted her, you know little o be besties. It's a I've got a new patient for you. I mean it was that was it. There was no question. [00:37:00] I love it. So then you switch practices.

[00:37:02] Yeah, we've been in for like a little interview consultation. It's like 7 o'clock in the morning and I've got you know, my two kids sitting on the floor for Ian and I are like I'm giving my entire medical history to this sweet woman. So it has its you everyone agreed Ivy back would be a safe Choice.

[00:37:22] Yes, our number three, right? So the pregnancy progresses and how deep How does it go? Everything's great, maybe 35 weeks just checked in and he was breech. Dang it. I know what what so so I pulled out all the stops. At this point did you consider hiring a doula? Yes. Yes. Okay. And when when how did that process go down, so I reached out to elect ation consultant that I knew and asked [00:38:00] for her recommendations on a doula.

[00:38:02] I started there and then you know, I tried one and she was already booked and then I tried her recommendation. She was already booked. So I finally found and this was what at 30 how far along were you when you were looking for a duelist? Maybe the middle of my pregnancy? Okay for everyone listening so I'm gonna I'm gonna be transparent for everyone that's listening.

[00:38:22] You need to hire a doula. As soon as you know, you have a viable pregnancy and are moving forward if that's what you want. So we're recording this episode. I don't know when you're listening to this episode. But this episode is being recorded at the beginning of February. I am booked out as a doula through August.

[00:38:43] Do the math those women just found out that they are pregnant and I am already booked through August if you want a really good experience Doula. You better go after her with all your might. You know soon after you [00:39:00] have a positive pregnancy does I say 12 weeks, but I think when you're 12 weeks gestation, 12 to 14 that's are really safe time to start getting your Doula on board.

[00:39:09] So you're halfway through your pregnancy your 24 25, 26 weeks, whatever and you're finding out that all the doulas are booked, right and Louisville. Yes, and then the woman that I found she's also in nursing school, so I don't think she was taking a lot of. Clients at the time. So I kind of had the advantage of like hey, this is going to be really easy for you.

[00:39:30] And for me, I just need you in the room. Yeah, like make sure that this goes well. Yeah because Brian's thing was like, you know, I'm on board with you trying this we didn't have any friends who had done it at the time. It's like I'm on board with this whole vbac idea as long as you can promise me that there's never going to be this like Panic.

[00:39:49] There's never going to be this huge risk. This is going to be smooth. We're not going to like wait too long and like be in a dangerous [00:40:00] situation. Okay, this is their call now, but for any dads that are listening to like you we cannot ever promise that on even a vaginal birth, right? You know, so it's just so sweet that are protectors.

[00:40:13] Just want to make sure that were safe and even a little tiny increase in any kind of rest. Just sales them and overdrive, you know, so settle down and hire a doula. So you got your dual onboard. Did you meet with her before your delivery? Yeah. Okay. Yeah, we met in like kind of, you know, an interview and talked about her experience and she herself.

[00:40:37] I believe it had a vbac okay at a very young age. And so I think she just felt like this mission to ya know make sure this is going to happen for everybody else and pass it forward and okay, that's awesome. Yeah, so it's 35 weeks. He's breech. Yep. So she gives me all of these ideas. On you know you walk with like one foot on the curb and one foot down you go [00:41:00] sideways up the stairs and I took it as far as going upside down doing handstands in the pool at the YMCA.

[00:41:06] I lay it upside down on the birthing ball at home went to see a chiropractor that did the Webster technique which is where you know various points of pressure and twisting and it's supposed to allow room for the baby. To turn do you remember going to a website called spinning babies? Okay. Thank you sent me there.

[00:41:26] Okay, awesome. So anyone who's listening spinning babies huge shout-out great website. Yeah with really good techniques on how to help a breech baby get turned head down and face down, but I asked anyone and everyone that I knew that had any. Tie or connection or belief in the holistic medicine and babies and birth what to do and I wound up going to acupuncture also their tiny little needles go into your tiny little pinky toes because there's some sort of [00:42:00] candle or current from your pinky toe to like the uterus and then I do believe we did some of my knees at some point, too.

[00:42:09] But not just putting the needles in and leaving it. But they light this it looks oxy. Yes that looks like a cigar smells even worse and waves it around until the needle like Heats and if she goes over to other side and does it again and she sent me home with some so we didn't do the needles at home.

[00:42:29] But I had Brian I put my feet up on the ball. We'd sit outside because it smells so bad didn't do it in the house and he would light this Moxie and like hold it by my toe and till I couldn't stand it anymore and then he'd go over to the other one. I did this religiously I did everything you were so committed so committed.

[00:42:48] So what happened he flipped. Do you remember him flipping I do okay see an adult. Mmm. Wow, where were you? What was it? Like I was at home. Okay it just. [00:43:00] Here's someone explained what it would feel like like a big or like a rolling. Yeah, and that's what I was and so I called the OB and I said need to come back in for one more ultrasound, please like I think he flipped.

[00:43:11] Yeah, so I go into the exam room because they, you know, they always want to like examine you first you don't just get to roll in for an ultrasound and she I remember her pressing really low and she's like, yeah there's this. That's like what I have to see it. I got to see it on the screen to believe it so that we can move forward.

[00:43:27] Yeah, and there he was and I just sat there and cried like there we've done it. Yes went all of it worked. Yeah, how many weeks gestation? Were you when he flipped the 36? Okay. So 35 he was breached. Yep. You spend that entire week just like crushing it. Yep with alternative. Measures besides a version.

[00:43:47] Yeah, it's a call that a medical intervention so all the alternative methods and within a week. He flipped. Yes. Yes, but do you know his name is Thomas and I love him. Yay. [00:44:00] Okay, I went home from the ultrasound though, and that night I felt it again, and I thought he just flipped back. Don't tell me he did.

[00:44:10] Well, I called the I called the OBS office and said I'm sorry I have to come in again like he's flipped again, and I don't know what it was that I felt but he was still head down and I said, okay, so I'm not I'm not going to invert myself one more time like this Baby's gonna grow. That enough like this that he can't flip again.

[00:44:30] Yeah. So we're you like I'm just gonna sit here and not move my body for four weeks until I go into labor. You know, what I did is anytime like the television was on her the kids are entertained. I got up that birthing ball and I hung like I put my arms on the top and my legs really wide and a squat and I just sat there and like rocked and rolled all around to like give him all the room to stay down.

[00:44:53] Yeah, like no opportunity for bouncing back up. And it's pretty rare. Once they turn flip and go head down after [00:45:00] 36 right to flip background. I mean it can that can but it's more rare for that to occur. So I don't have huge babies. So I thought you know, he is still relatively small and how big are your babies seven pounds?

[00:45:14] Oh God. Yeah. So let's average. Yeah. Okay. So you're like hanging out on the ball now, it's like 3738. When did you under labor? I was I was right at my due date maybe a day or two before. Okay. I know that some women can memorize these deep? Oh, no, it doesn't matter but you went pulled you went all the way full terms full turn to you he flipped and then you still had a couple more weeks to go right and you now you have two other children.

[00:45:43] Hmm and they're all summer and all their things. Yes, and it's July. Mmm. Would you do just go ahead and pull it to the pool guy? I was saying about the pole. There were there was one other mom who was six weeks ahead of me. And we also have our middle [00:46:00] child named Tucker so funny and so we you know high-fived across the pool every day and one day she wasn't there and I was so jealous.

[00:46:09] It's like she's done and I'm still here. Yes, you know that's kind of how I was three weeks behind a me for this birth. I'll just say that yeah, and that's how I felt when you induce labor. I mean I was like no I still have to be pregnant in August, right? You know? Yeah. Okay. So now it's the end.

[00:46:31] Tell me about the day of Labor. What did that look like? I'd woken up several mornings thinking this is it like I don't feel something feels off. But that morning. It's like 6 o'clock and I said something's not right. Like I mean it was right, but something was different so texted my father-in-law and he came and got the kids.

[00:46:55] That day and Brian stayed really close and I still was [00:47:00] like moving around feeling like just off, you know, but I knew we didn't have any food in the house. So I thought well, let's go to Costco. Of course, baby number three, right, you know, and I remember it like doubling over and hanging on to the side of the cart.

[00:47:18] Having contractions, but I was like, I don't know are they really because the last time I had real contractions? With six years prior and they were pitocin induced contraction and I went straight to an epidural so much stronger. Yeah. So this is like it's new. Yeah. Basically, it's third baby right foreshadowing.

[00:47:40] Yes, so you're right. We did our shopping. They went home. I had a photo shoot to edit. So I sat at my laptop. With Clary Sage putting it on my ankles every 10 minutes rubbing it in I was on my ball like all my birthing ball like Amy's doing head [00:48:00] swivels right now. No, I mean like drive it without do it.

[00:48:04] Like she's doing hip swivels on our birthing ball. Yes. So editing doing my Clary Sage drinking a ton of water and then. At some point you called. I remember talking to you. I just don't remember when but you were like, well you're normal. Like you're like you're having a normal conversation like it's all good.

[00:48:27] Yeah, and so I said to Brian like you have to call the Doula and tell her to come over. I just had this feeling but I said if I call her and I'm speaking clearly and I'm still like happy. I probably told you that huh. Yeah, you did so she came over. And she was like Amy, you're still like laughing and like telling jokes like I just would turn inward during like, you know, the 10 seconds or whatever it was and and I would bounce right back.

[00:48:59] But [00:49:00] I think so easy. I think in hindsight, so I dread the Hypno birthing book. Yeah, so all of this is because your water is still intact. So you're in early labor. You have a full sack of water. This could go on for hours and hours and hours days. Even on the third baby now, it's usually shorter but could so one of the things I'm going to stop right here.

[00:49:24] Before we go any further. What I say to my clients is. You're fine, unless your water breaks. If you're on baby, two, three, four, five, six and your water breaks. You need to go straight to the hospital. So your Doula comes over your in early labor. It appears, right? Yeah, how far apart are your contractions like 10 minutes?

[00:49:46] Maybe five five minutes. Oh, well, it was yeah, they were very close together. So at one point she said well, so we're five minutes apart. She said let's just try, you know, one more position and see if things [00:50:00] slow down or you know, see what happens Mark Doula. Yeah, so. I sat on the toilet because beautiful place to put pressure.

[00:50:09] Yep. Great place to labor one of the most beautiful places to labor because it opens everything up. So so one contraction came and my water broke.  And I started pushing it was the most unreal. It was not me right. You know what I mean? Yeah, like you went inside yourself. Yeah, and I looked at her after it was over and I said I'm pushing and she said I know and I forgot to mention that she had told my husband to go put the dogs away go get a towel, you know after this after we move or we're probably just going to get in the car and go ahead and head out.

[00:50:53] So Brian's putting the dogs way. Going to get some you know bath towels for the car just in case [00:51:00] and then we have our five alarm fire which Brian said this is great as long as we are not panicked. Okay, and this was panic and I looked at her and I said, I'm not going anywhere. I'm doing this right here.

[00:51:16] Yeah, don't believe me. Don't touch me. It's really difficult when you have now just. Because you kind of Miss transition almost I mean when your water breaks and you start pushing on the very next contraction and hello. This is very common for third babies. Right? It was a very smart of your Doula to have wanted to have moved you when you were five centimeters aren't five centimeters with me five minutes apart contractions on a third baby when your water was still intact because once that water is gone.

[00:51:48] Gosh, things can happen really fast as it just unfolded for you. So and when you say pushing I mean you are just like the uncontrollable unbearable. If someone had a [00:52:00] gun to your head and said stop you wouldn't be able to know because I didn't feel that I was doing it. I didn't I didn't think that my brain was controlling know where your body took over.

[00:52:11] Right? Wow. Yes. If someone said stop there's just no way. So now you're like, nope. We're going to deliver the baby right here. Did you just want to call 9-1-1. Yes, I did. Okay and the Doula insisted that that was not the best idea.  Just you know taking a newborn like for a ride in an ambulance.

[00:52:32] And they were probably going to take me downtown to a different hospital than I wanted to go to and I don't know if she had other reasons than that. Well, I don't know but I do know that you usually don't just push a baby right out on one contraction. So she probably likely thought okay, you're bearing down but there might still be time to get to the hospital.

[00:52:58] Because I had [00:53:00] a little bit more of a risky delivery White. Yeah, baby back. Yeah, so I waddle to the car only because they made me yeah, no shirt. No shoes. Okay. There's no cell phone in your brand new car. Remember? Yeah. Beautiful minivans that I fought not get hurt. But now I love yes and I will never have my life.

[00:53:29] Yeah, anyone who's listening? There's a whatever Honda Odyssey that's coming for sale soon. It's a famous. Minivan. Okay. I'm just getting so you want all of the car you get Ed walls of the car and get in Brian is driving. I'm not kidding like 95 miles an hour. Have you called 9-1-1 I wasn't calling anybody.

[00:53:52] Who did they call 9-1-1. Sorry. Did they call 9-1-1 or the hospital and they were coming. So in the car somehow [00:54:00] while he's driving 95 miles an hour figures out like how to get the hospital on the phone. Okay and says this is you know, we're coming in hot. Yeah. My wife is a patient of dr. Whatever and yeah, and she's a vbac.

[00:54:14] And this is happening right now.  And they said okay, we'll be ready for you. And so he hangs up and and you're just pushing on every contraction. I can't put my seat belt on because I couldn't sit because the baby was right there. Yeah, Brian is driving. He by the way thinks that he should be a part of this interview to because his side of the story we'll have another interview where we just interviewed dad's of the road, you know the road he's driving on the highway.

[00:54:49] Thank goodness. It was seven o'clock on like a Thursday. There was no traffic. It was not rush hour. That's the only reason we [00:55:00] made it as far as we did. Yeah, so he's driving with the flashers on calling the hospital and with his right hand. He's reaching over to like yank my shorts down. Because I was like the babies come the baby's here.

[00:55:14] He's like, what do you think? Where's it gonna go your son sitting on our vacation? What was so funny is this is about the time that that viral video came out on Facebook of the woman sitting in the passenger seat, and she just delivers her baby and the dad video the whole thing. Do remember that and you had seen it and here you were like just be calm and do that.

[00:55:35] There was no thought oh God. No, but you know as this story unfolds my friends are like wait what like that video on Facebook? Yeah, like know that really happens. You think like, oh that was so irresponsible of them. How could they wait that long? No, you're like I had only been in labor for three hours, right?

[00:55:54] So ran two of those were at Costco. Yes [00:56:00] to flying through the hospital parking lot. We pull up like backwards in the ambulance driveway and I look out the window and here comes you know little nurse low wheelchair. It's taken a dime.

[00:56:21] She opened the door and like to escort me to her wheelchair and I was like no no no, Like the here's the baby we don't need to do that. So what is it was his head out? I mean. Almost. Okay. So another nurse comes out pulls the door open wider checks me out. She said we're going to just do this right here.

[00:56:44] And this is going to be great. Okay, that's like all right. Okay because he was like one bushes there. Yeah, so it was literally one push their it's ahead. So they to do they coach you through that on the next contraction or did you just okay? I said somebody put my feet back [00:57:00] because I'm so far my favorite money, man.

[00:57:07] Oh my God feet on the dashboard. Yeah, I love this because you're actually at the hospital, but it's like, you know know the baby's right here. We're in the parking lot where people can just have a plain view every window in the birth. Hey, someone actually filmed it. Did they send it to you? It's kind of a long story.

[00:57:27] Okay, we won't go into that. But the hospital thought that that was violating a lot of privacy laws. So they intervened and the video is gone. Okay. So yeah, just you know in front of God and everybody here. I am in the parking lot. So put my feet up they push the seat back. She said, okay. Give me a push.

[00:57:48] There was the head a few seconds later. All right ready for another one and there was the body and I pulled him up. Test and I looked at Brian I was like I did it kick. Can you believe [00:58:00] this and he's like, can we please go inside? Like the one thing that he did not want to have happen right became his reality.

[00:58:11] Oh, I just can't wait to just talk to just him about that. I know I know Amy my God just wanted me a live baby alive. Okay, once we've checked that off the list. It was time to go inside. So the cord was long enough. That you were able to hold him up on your chest. Yes. Okay, you know put a bunch of blankets around and then they put you in a wheelchair stretcher.

[00:58:33] Will how do you get it zaidi walk? Okay, so can be a swaddling. That's my cord hanging out. Yeah, exactly. Well, so I'm still like having this like Blissful moment though. And and so they're trying to like notate the time time of birth like because we're in the car we still have like, yeah all of their equipment and instruments and things.

[00:58:53] Oh my God, this drives me. Easy who gives a shit that I'm a bird like if the paperwork people are [00:59:00] so concerned about paperwork. Yeah. I'm like be more concerned about the mom with the baby in the front seat of the car then the paperwork and filling out the paperwork like they were like do we what mom was it a boy or a girl and I was like, oh, I don't know.

[00:59:17] You forgot didn't look I just felt so happy to have I did it. Like I wanted a natural birth and I. It yes, so, you know had to peel the baby off of me. It's a boy. Okay back to my chest. Yeah, so into the wheelchair like the cover wheelchairs like so curious about this so they brought some privacy blankets.

[00:59:39] Yeah. Okay. Well, I mean not for like a curtain but I can put enough to lay over my lap and when they wheeled me and I got you know standing Applause and everyone's just staring at you like yeah girl. Yeah, baby in the car. So a nurse delivered you a nurse. It wasn't an ER nurse or an OB nurse know an ER nurse love it.

[00:59:58] Okay, so then what happens do [01:00:00] they do they keep you in the emergency room or do they take you up to OB they took me up to? Oh because I remember there was like a scale in the room. So I don't think that that would have been like a regular ER room but the babies go because I remember that they weighed and measured him what hold on.

[01:00:16] I've got so many questions before we get that in order to weigh him and measure him you would have had to have been detached from him. So how did that go down? Well, you know, I had all these dreams of like this natural. Earth and wait till the cord stops pulsing above Ababa and then we cut a yeah, but I think truly in the amount of time it took.

[01:00:36] Oh, yeah, there are guys like 46 minutes. Okay Max, so if you deliver that baby and then they had to transfer you inside like there that cord was done done. Yeah. I have no doubt in my mind that that cord was completely finished pulsating, right? So who got who got it. You don't remember uh-huh.

[01:00:56] Okay, I'm sorry Amy's mouthing [01:01:00] secrets and to me and I'm saying them out loud. Who cares? Okay, so you don't remember that's funny. I don't remember that moment. I interview your husband. I'll ask him so - but that's okay. You don't remember because you are basking the joy of really care new baby and exactly what who.

[01:01:13] When you have a natural childbirth to I mean God bless and yes, I mean, I've done it both ways like fully medicated. I've been there by everyone side. But like when you have a fully natural childbirth, I mean it's like finishing a marathon. It's like climbing Mount Everest. I mean you are on top of the world.

[01:01:32] You were like, I am a warrior and I have just like one the Earth, you know, yeah, it's amazing. Did you get the shakes? Do you remember? Absolutely? Yeah, okay. Was it pretty much right afterwards where you just like the we were in the room? Yeah, and I do your version of shakes not. Yeah, but then it was time to like deliver the placenta which wasn't coming.

[01:01:57] So then there's all this various like [01:02:00] massaging and lots of bleeding.  I know that they gave me pitocin at some point Ms. Very normal. And then they stood me up to the bathroom. I guess you have to like you have to pee before you can move on. Well, if you have a full bladder it can inhibit it can increase your chance of hemorrhage.

[01:02:20] It can inhibit the uterus from fully Contracting it can inhibit the placenta from being delivered. So it's a very important to have an empty bladder. Okay, though. And it looked like a crime scene be standing up and walking to the bathroom. Okay, and I started to get scared at that point. Okay, did you feel dizzy?

[01:02:41] Yeah. Okay. So you were you were did you pass out I was like. The closest of passing out I've ever been in my whole life. Okay after like we're like I'm going down but then he didn't actually I was in a wheelchair they were moving make the next room and the nurse said I shouldn't have put her in a chair because [01:03:00] you can't pass out if you're lying down.

[01:03:01] Yeah. She's like I should have left her in the bed. Like I'm hearing this going down while like everything is going white and fuzzy. I feel nauseous. He said my skin was like green. Yeah. Yeah. I lost so much blood in that process, but we've made it to the room, but for everyone listening though this postpartum Hemorrhage had nothing to do with your vbac.

[01:03:28] Nothing nothing to do with your even though this is just everything to do with probably having a rapid delivery a full bladder like a difficult delivery with the placenta. That wasn't detaching. Obviously because everything went so quick. Yeah, you know, so I just want to interject that they're about that with this is not like you weren't hemorrhaging because you had a vbac like this is a totally separate thing that was happening.

[01:03:52] Right? So so got to the room. I think I'd stuff some peanut butter crackers than a bag. And so I had those and [01:04:00] felt so much better and then, you know, we're left alone for a few minutes. It's like wait, that's just. Like really? Well it did. I was amazing. I'm so proud of you. All three of these birds were.

[01:04:17] Beautiful and this one's different so different and this one was just I mean, I just feel like I mean, it sounds like Brian was really scared. But it just sounds like you just stayed calm cool collected. It just went with your natural bodies instincts. And you know, I'm just you know, it's just weird though to think like to say that I was calm because.

[01:04:40] I feel like I wasn't really there. Yeah, but I mean like they call it the labor Zone. I really feel like you're in an alternate universe. This is something that most people feel either when they've had when their birthing naturally so that meaning when you're having those contractions before you get the epidural many [01:05:00] times people will get into that labor Zone and then if especially if you go all the way, you know through transition, where the time.

[01:05:09] Sounds like just nothing. Nothing really like you wouldn't be able to comprehend like people talking or asking you questions or what time it is I mean everything just kind of a you're in this bubble of it a Time Warp you have a job to do and your body's just going to do it and everything else goes away.

[01:05:28] Yeah, so I don't have any memory of being in pain. I don't have really memory of being scared. I just. Yeah went into this place of like we're going to do this and it's all okay, and yeah, the guttural noises that my mouth produced. And your voice hurts for days afterwards her. Yeah, my Midwife called it calls it a labor song Yeah, because it wasn't it wasn't that in [01:06:00] pain.

[01:06:00] It wasn't that bad. It was just like this is going to help me get through the next 10 seconds and I'm going to do it. Let's let's let's do it together. Let's have everybody here. What a guttural boat is ready. Really? Yeah, let's do it. What if mine's not like yours? It's everyone sounds of similar so ready.

[01:06:23] Good, if you hear that sound the person your necklace do is likely in transition how to deliver their baby. Oh my gosh. Well Amy, this has been awesome. And so my last question for you is what I asked everyone and that is what is your favorite baby product that for anyone listening that you just have to pass on the must-have go to register for it.

[01:06:49] Don't forget to have it. What is it for you? Hands down for me. It was having a ring sling. Awesome. I had not had one with the other two kids. So [01:07:00] tell everybody about a ring sling. It's the most simple you think you could like. Whip it up yourself, right, but it's the fabric is just like butter.

[01:07:07] It's this long piece of fabric with a big metal loop on the end and it goes over your shoulder and over one shoulder and then you have this fun way of like looping it up and then you make a little like seat. For the baby's butt and their knees go up and they just you can make kind of a little pillow for their head and just there right there.

[01:07:29] You should be able to like Kiss the top of their head, right? Maybe Gary are there just right there. And for a mom of three I needed my hands to do other things. So baby was right there. I was hands-free. It's cute. Like I mean and it just makes you feel connected still so connected. Yeah, it was amazing.

[01:07:51] It was better than like any other carrier that I'd had for an infant. Yeah, I'm definitely going to put the link to the ring sling in the show notes as well as a link to [01:08:00] how to get in touch with Amy and check out her beautiful Instagram page for bluegrass. Male that nailed it. Thanks for being on.

[01:08:13] I love you. I love you, too.

[01:08:19] Thank you for listening to birth story. My goal is you all walk away from each episode with a clearer picture of how labor and delivery might go and that you will feel empowered by the end of your pregnancy to speak up plan and prepare for the. Earth you want no matter what that looks like.