The questions are always the same, How will I know I am in labor? What will it feel like? What does the day of labor look like? The answers to these questions and so much more rest inside the pages of this book.
— From the Author: MyDoulaHeidi

The Idea

This book has been in the making for 14 years. As a Certified Birth Doula, helping hundreds of moms bring their babies into this world, I have collected the birth story from each client. I have interwoven them together into a beautiful 42 week guide to pregnancy + journal. The design is elegant and the concept supports the premise that most women are birthing in hospitals; 92% are using epidurals for pain management, and 30-40% are delivering via C-section. This book tells vibrant, realistic stories of labor and delivery. It honors all types of birth and helps create a comfortable space for moms to be educated as well as to journal throughout their 42-week journey. Then, I partnered with Dr. John Thorp-Director of Obstetrics UNC Chapel Hill to ensure medical accuracy for your learning. I hope you will pre-order today.

The Ask

This book will be the go-to gift for baby showers and the celebration of friends and family when a new mother tells you she is pregnant. Please pre-order and share on social media. Shipping begins in 2020.